How To Choose Between Different Types of Suit Fabrics

How To Choose Between Different Types of Suit Fabrics

Not only is a suit’s cut crucial, but so is the fabric you choose.

At first, the selections seem overwhelming, but if you know what you’re searching for, you will start to appreciate the various suit fabric varieties. We need to define our expectations for the material and then examine how different materials may meet those needs. For this, keep reading to find out more about the different types of suit fabrics.


Linen is an excellent place to start your search for a lightweight, airy suit to get you through a sweltering summer day. You’ll look amazing and stay as comfortable as possible in linen suits.

The disadvantage of such a lightweight cloth is that it wrinkles very easily. Plus, since many linen suits are light in color, stains are more likely to show.

Linen suits are your best option in the summer, especially if you want to be outside. Because these suits are less formal than wool or cotton suits, they may not be suitable for some office situations or particularly formal functions. Purchase a linen suit for less dressy occasions, and plan on taking it to the dry cleaners on a regular basis to keep it in pristine condition.


While the other textiles on this list are made from natural resources, polyester is made from artificial components. ’It’s also unsuitable for high temperatures because ’it doesn’t breathe well. Even for semi-formal occasions, some polyester suits can be appropriate—polyester-wool blends, in particular, have a more formal appearance.


Wool is the most common type of suit fabric, and the reasons for this are rather obvious. This fabric is incredibly adaptable, luxurious to the touch, and wrinkle resistant. Although it is not as light as some other textiles, it breathes well enough for even the hottest days.


While cotton suits are not as light and airy as linen suits, they are still suitable for summer. Cotton isn’t the softest material on the list, but it’s comfortable enough for most guys. This fabric does not retain its shape as effectively as wool, yet it does not crease as easily as linen.

If you need your suit to keep its shape and appear crisp in a formal setting, choose strong cotton or a blend of cotton and wool.

A good suit is a significant financial commitment, so it’s critical to get it right, and it all starts with deciding on a material. Whether you choose linen, polyester, wool, or cotton, be sure you’re choosing the best possible suit for yourself and your occasion; and be sure you pair your suit with the right shirt!