How To Find the Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Partner

How To Find the Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Partner

Surprise your partner with the engagement ring of her dreams.

Deciding to get married is a huge leap to take in your life. But the task of finding the perfect engagement ring that fits your partner’s style can be difficult.

If you’re ready to get engaged and start the journey of married life with your partner, you need an idea of what they would like in a ring. This daunting task can be stressful because this is the ring your partner will wear for the rest of their life. Allow us to alleviate your stress with some tips for finding the perfect engagement ring.

Set a Budget

First and foremost, set up your budget so that you don’t begin shopping outside of your price range—you never want to spend more than you can afford. Take a look at your bank account and decide how much money you’re willing to spend on a ring, and hold yourself accountable to that price range so that you don’t deplete your savings.

Narrow Down the Style

Next, consider what type of style your partner wants in a ring to narrow down your options. If you’re trying to be secretive about the engagement, talk with your partner’s friends or find their Pinterest account and scroll through to see if there’s a ring styles they like. If all else fails, consider the ring styles that will always be popular, such as solitaire or princess-cut.

Have the Correct Ring Size

If you don’t want to ask your partner about their ring size outright, you can find ring sizing kits online or browse through the rings they already own to get an idea. Take this information with you when you browse to ensure you’re getting the exact size.

Shop Smart and Certified

Be diligent when you begin your search for reputable jewelry stores. To be on the safe side and to guarantee you’re buying a high-quality ring, find stores that certify their stones and diamonds in a lab. Never buy the first ring that speaks to you, and go over your options at multiple stores before making the big decision.

Finding the perfect engagement ring won’t be easy, and you may need to shop around for a while until you find the right one. Allow yourself enough time before the date on which you plan to pop the question so that you don’t put yourself in a time crunch. Start subtly asking your significant other questions, and talk with their friends and family members to guarantee you’re buying the wedding ring of their dreams.