How To Get Started With Men’s Western Wear

How To Get Started With Men’s Western Wear

Have you ever wanted to get into Western wear?

From John Wayne to Billy the Kid, countless iconic men have dressed in Western wear. The Wild West may be in the past, but its fashion doesn’t have to be. Rocking Western wear is a great way to bring the untamed, wild spirit of the American West into your everyday life.

Let’s get a little adventurous. Here’s how to get started with men’s Western wear.

Start With the Basics

Now hang on, we’re not to the cowboy boots just yet. First, you’ll need some great basic pieces to build an outfit with, starting with pants.

Denim jeans are one of the best options for a casual Western wardrobe. The cut is up to you, but most cowboys tend to stick with a light to medium wash. For dressier occasions, you can style a few Western pieces with slacks for a classy Western look. Just be careful when dressing for weddings—you don’t want to upset the bride!

Now let’s talk about shirts. While you can definitely add a Western shirt or two to your wardrobe for special occasions, they aren’t practical for everyday wear. Honestly, all you really need are some simple T-shirts and button-downs. Make sure they fit well in the sleeves and shoulders for the most flattering fit.

Now Add the Details

Now is the time to pick out your accessories. Common country accessories include large belt buckles, boot decorations, bolo ties, and more. If you’re a jewelry person, you can’t go wrong with silver or leather details. Your accessories could be as simple as a bandana or as flamboyant as a fringed leather jacket. It’s up to you!

For an understated look, limit the number of Western accessories per outfit to one, plus your boots. However, if you don’t care about looking like you walked off the set of a Spaghetti Western, feel free to ignore this advice.

Time for the Boots

Many different kinds of men’s cowboy boot styles exist to choose from, so don’t buy the first pair you see. First, consider a few things. Will you be wearing these to work outdoors or just for fun? How tall of a heel do you want?

The classic cowboy boot design features a tall, slanted heel to fit easily into a stirrup. But if you won’t be riding in these boots and find the heel uncomfortable, don’t buy this style. Instead, opt for a pair of roper boots, which have a smaller heel and are more comfortable for all-day wear.

Now you know how to get started with men’s Western wear. Before you know it, you’ll be rockin’ with the best of them!