Nike Makes Medical Masks to Protect Against COVID-19 2021

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Here’s The Nike Mask That Has the Internet in awe  

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But, finding the perfect face mask can be more of a challenge than we think.

The Best Nike Mask 2020

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Covid-19 news flash

Before we highlight the coolest Nike Mask we think it’s important to understand what Nike is actually doing to help during this global pandemic.

At the start of the pandemic, there were not enough medical masks until brands stepped in

As the U.S. continues to battle this global COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals around the country are rushing to get their hands on additional medical masks.

These medical masks are needed to protect our frontline medical workers from contracting the virus.

The Issue Most States Were Facing

A blue medical face mask laying on the street

States such as Oregon, are running out of masks leaving workers to fashion their own. Yes, frontline workers who were risking their own lives did not have the correct gear they needed to protect themselves.

Can you imagine how frightening that must be?

Oregon is not the only state in hot water.

New York’s Mayor, Mayor Bill Deblasio, said that New York hospitals may run out of medical supplies within a week.

These issues are real, which is leaving people to be creative.

Today’s True Heroes: everyday hero’s and big Brands like Nike

Coronavirus red hot spots screen with total confirmed cases

With medical supplies quickly diminishing there are some everyday heroes that need recognition.

Sources tell us, that a retired nurse in Oregon who previously made quilts for medical workers as thanks, has been contracted to have her small team make facemasks.

This hero along with her small group of friends will combine forces to help make their own homemade masks that will be given to frontline workers in Oregon.

Seriously, talk about the true heroes of today, right?

Since the start of the pandemic, big brands like Nike have even started creating face shields as shown on

The Big Fashion Houses: Nike

Person wearing the best nike mask made of real nike shoes
Image via @zhijunwang

With the fashion industry quickly scrambling to make face masks, both big and small brands are working hard to meet the demand.

According to GQ, New York governor Andrew Cuomo put out an open call to businesses willing to “get creative” to make protective equipment for the fight against coronavirus.

GQ mentioned that “designers who took up the call tell GQ they now find themselves facing manufacturing quandaries, with some stalled by unclear guidelines and a lack of access to medical-grade fabrics.”

We recently stumbled upon an article via that highlights how large companies, such as Nike, are also stepping up to the plate.

According to CEO John Donahoe stated, “the brand [Nike] is working on developing face shields and medical equipment for healthcare workers.”

Business Insider also has a great article diving deeper into what Nike is doing here.

Nike plans to work with OHSU to help Oregon healthcare workers during this national crisis.

To learn more about OSHU and their resources, visit www. or click here.

Can’t get your hands on a solid Nike mask?

Getting your hands on a mask can be a challenging task to accomplish right now.

Not only this but did you know that medical masks are can only be used once and that if you touch them they’re deemed soiled?

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Still Curious About Making Your Own?

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All you need is a t-shirt

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Stay safe & healthy.

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