The Advantages of Owning a Diesel Truck

The Advantages of Owning a Diesel Truck

If you’re considering making the shift from a gasoline-fueled vehicle to a diesel-powered one, here are some of the advantages of owning a diesel truck that could help solidify your decision.

Lower Maintenance

Diesel engines are comprised of far fewer—and longer-lasting—components than their gasoline counterparts. Due to a lack of spark plugs or distributors, they’ll never require an ignition tune-up, and other maintenance-related issues are few and far between.

While parts tend to be more expensive, they make up for their added costs in durability. Most vehicles can go months, if not a year or two, before requiring serious maintenance.

On the rare occasion your truck requires maintenance, reliable replacement parts are easy to come across. You can find them online or at physical auto part stores.

Impressive Gas Mileage

Another advantage of owning a diesel truck is its impressive gas mileage. A diesel engine’s high compression rating allows it to generate a substantial amount of power from very little fuel.

Turbochargers, a standard feature of most diesel-fueled vehicles, and recent, modern fuel injection systems boost their fuel economy even further.

Thanks to its gas mileage, a diesel-fueled vehicle can cruise upwards of 500 miles before needing a trip to the gas station. In most places, diesel and gas fuel cost relatively the same, giving you some additional bang for your buck.


Tired of car-shopping every few years? If so, you might want to consider switching to diesel. Diesel-fueled automobiles last longer, which means you’ll be able to drive them for many years longer than if you chose a standard, gas-powered option.

But what about when you eventually choose to sell or swap out? If you’re fretting over depreciation, good news! Diesel vehicles have an exceptional lifespan, which means they’ll have a better resale value than their gasoline-powered alternatives.

Ability to Carry Heavy Loads

With their added torque, diesel-fueled vehicles are ideal for carrying heavy loads. This quality can prove beneficial for those who work in certain industries, such as construction, that require frequent travel and the back-and-forth transportation of weighty objects.

With its improved acceleration and turning, it’s a fantastic option for those who prefer high-speed highways over regular roads.

Low Flammability

A heavy resistance to fire makes diesel vehicles safer than gasoline engines in the case of accidents. Since its fuel has a higher flashpoint than gasoline, it’s less likely to combust or set alight.

As a bonus, heavier-set vehicles, like most diesel trucks, are safer for their driver than smaller, lightweight cars.