Practical Vehicles With a Little Bit of Style

Don’t sacrifice performance and looks when shopping for your next personal car.

There are plenty of practical vehicles that retain unique designs and styles for you to choose from. Each ensures you have a dependable daily driver that stands out among the rest of the traffic. However, finding the ideal automobile for your specific preferences can prove quite tricky.

Luckily, here is the ultimate guide on versatile, functional, and downright cool vehicles that you should consider when purchasing a new ride. Use these suggestions to ensure total satisfaction before signing on the dotted line.

Best SUV: Jeep Wrangler (4-Door)

The Jeep Wrangler isn’t the most comfortable or technologically advanced SUV on the market, but there are many factors associated with this vehicle that make it worth considering. Mainly, Jeep Wranglers are incredibly affordable, with newer models featuring a sticker price of just over $30,000 (for base models).

Even better, there is no shortage of even cheaper, good-condition Wranglers available on the aftermarket. And for that relatively low price tag, you get an iconic automobile with superior off-roading abilities and removable doors/hardtop capabilities.

Plus, the Wrangler boasts practical benefits, from better stability when driving on icy or snowy roads to a raised ground clearance for better protection from surface obstacles. The large trunk and cabin spaces are also excellent for transporting larger purchases and items, such as furniture.

Best Sedan: Honda Civic Type R

Honda’s ever-dependable sedan line—the Civic—remains one of the most popular, best-selling cars globally. The basic model is extremely affordable ($25,050 for 2023), comes packed with convenient technology/amenities, offers exceptional comfort and safety for you and others, and typically boasts a long life span.

The Honda Civic Type R, while more expensive ($43,296 for 2023), provides you with a more thrilling, luxurious driving experience. This upgraded model retains the standard benefits associated with the Honda Brand, along with an enhanced drivetrain, engine, horsepower output, and design options (including custom trim lines, interior colors, seating materials, etc.).

Best Coupe: Dodge Challenger

Typically, two-door vehicles are not seen as practical due to their limited passenger and storage size. Rather, these automobiles focus on performance and the driver’s experience, leading to faster and more powerful cars.

However, there are some coupes that provide practical value, one of which is clearly the 2023 Dodge Challenger. The base model features a price tag of $32,140, with extra charges for the recommended V8 engine packages.

This coupe is extremely powerful yet still gets 15/23 miles per gallon and even boasts sufficient space for backseat passengers or cargo. Combined, these two advantages make the Challenger one of the most practical, stylish automobiles on the market.

With savvy shopping and research, you can easily find practical vehicles with a little bit (or a lot!) of style. Use this guide to help you identify the ideal fit for your preferences.