Men’s Style: Should you get those wacky socks?

large image of related garment socks, featuring bold men's sock designs and colors

What’s up with the bold colored socks ?

One of the questions we get asked the most at MAN’edged Mag is, “Dude! How can I get some style?”

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Our answer

“Dude, just rock out with your sock out.” You got this.

At first glance these socks can seem like a bit much with their bold and bright designs. It might even feel like you’re holding a rainbow in your hands while you’re deciding if you can actually wear them. But, with brands like Related Garments by your side, these bold colored socks will quickly become a favorite.

left close up of horizontal striped men's socks, thick striped men's socks in light color, houndstooth pattern men's sock, right multi-colored dress sock from related garments

How to wear

In our previous feature about Liberty Fair’s Co-founder, Sharifa Murdock, Murdock told us that men should reach for bold socks . Didn’t catch the story? Click here to check it out.

Wear them with a chino pant or a jogger pant and you’ll automatically look like a style expert. Now, let’s get wacky.

For more info. about Related Garments visit their website by clicking here or check out their Instagram page by clicking here.

bold colored men's socks from related garments






Photo source courtesy of Amy Torres @treeeyes