The Best Menswear Essentials For Cold Weather

The Best Menswear Essentials For Cold Weather

Look no further for the perfect winter additions to your wardrobe.

Wondering how to switch up your wardrobe for cold weather? We’ve got you. These are the best menswear essentials for cold weather.

The ideal winter menswear should be elegant, flattering, and above all, warm. The items on this list are perfect staples to add to your everyday wardrobe. From a day at the office to date night, these essentials will keep you toasty warm and looking your best.

Wool Overcoats

Are some days too frigid to wear anything but your warmest winter coat? Yes, definitely. On all the other days, though, we recommend a great jacket to pull together the look. After all, why go to all the effort of assembling a great outfit, just to ruin it on the final layer?

Wool overcoats are a stylish, classic alternative to the regular winter jacket. The most common styles are the camel coat and the peacoat. Camel coats are a brownish tan color and are typically cut at knee length. Peacoats are cropped at the upper thigh and often come in black, gray, or blue.

Cable-Knit Sweaters

These classic chunky-knit sweaters are a winter staple. They give you a classic, stylish look while feeling just as warm and cozy as your favorite sweatshirt. They look fantastic for a dressy casual outfit—lunch date, anyone?—but can also be dressed up. Simply pair your cable-knit sweater with a button-down and slacks.

Cozy Scarves

Scarves are great additions to any cold weather outfit and are necessary in cold climates to keep your face and neck warm. Options in materials range from cashmere to wool to mohair. Choose a neutral color scheme, and it will coordinate beautifully with nearly any outfit.

Cold Weather Gloves

No, your pockets are not enough. You really do need a good pair of winter gloves to keep your hands from freezing. Just think about opening frozen doorhandles with your bare hands if you don’t believe us.

There are many options for gloves, at all different price points. For an elegant look that will mesh well with the other items on this list, we’d recommend leather. It’s classic, stylish, and won’t get your fingers wet. If you’re prone to cold hands or you live somewhere extra frigid, consider getting a wool-lined pair of leather gloves for a little extra warmth.

Winter Boots

A great pair of boots is the best way to keep your feet warm this winter. There are a few important features of winter boots you’ll want to check for. Boots should keep your feet warm, have sturdy rubber soles so you don’t slip, and be waterproof. Nobody wants wet feet in the dead of winter.

Pair your new boots with some thick wool socks, and you’ll be well on your way to rockin’ the best menswear essentials this cold weather season.