The Importance of Regularly Replacing Windshield Wipers

The Importance of Regularly Replacing Windshield Wipers

Not everything about cars has gotten more sophisticated over the years.

True, your stick-shift-driving grandpa never could have imagined starting a car with the push of a button. However, car parts still need routine replacement. Sure, you don’t need the comprehensive tune-ups old cars needed, but you still need to stay on top of things.

One part we forget about too often are our windshield wiper blades—you should be switching these out for new ones at least every six months. The importance of regularly replacing windshield wipers is something you should keep in mind. Here’s why.

Don’t Leave the Road Without Them

Off-roaders, take note: before embarking on a rugged excursion in your Jeep or other OHV, every part of your vehicle should be at its best. That means keeping headlights clean and functional, adjusting your tires’ air to the proper pressure for your terrain, and making sure your wipers aren’t worn out.

As fall weather is just around the corner—always coming sooner than we’d like—off-road journeys often coincide with rain or mud. To keep a clear line of sight despite precipitation or splattering, make sure fresh windshield wipers are part of your tune-up for maximum visibility in adverse conditions.

Scratch Mosquito Bites, Not Windshields

When we think about wiping the windshield, we’re mostly thinking about simply removing water from the glass. We don’t think too much about the condition of the glass itself. After all, windshield glass is an especially hardy material, right?

Not necessarily. It’s true that modern windshield glass features an innovative composition, one that withstands most shattering force and only crumbles when it receives enough impact.

Abrasion, however, is another story. Worn-out wipers will scratch your glass over time, leading to compromised visibility that, unlike the rain, your wipers can’t remove. To avoid the expenses of prematurely purchasing a whole new windshield, make the much smaller investment of new wipers every six months.

The Best Advice Under the Sun

If you’ve been enjoying a hot and busy summer, you may think that your wipers couldn’t possibly need replacement heading into fall. It’s not as if they’ve been working hard.

True—but the sun sure has. The importance of regularly replacing windshield wipers still looms large on sunny days and during droughts. Ultraviolet light from the sun’s rays can denature the rubber in your wiper blades, causing it to dry, crack, and crumble, rendering it useless. When it does come time to clear precipitation from your windshield, your sun-damaged blades won’t be up to the task. Even if you haven’t been putting the wipes to work during the summer, it’s still smart to stay on schedule and replace them regularly.