Why a Bushy Beard Is Actually Great for Your Health

Why a Bushy Beard Is Actually Great for Your Health

Few need an excuse to grow out their beard, but if you need a reason to keep at it, here are three reasons why a bushy beard is actually great for your health.

Facial hair serves many functions for men, from attracting attention to self-expression, but did you know that keeping a bushy beard is actually great for your health?

If anyone ever asks you why you don’t shave, keep these facts handy to let them know that your beard has form and function.

Healthier Skin

Facial hair does a lot of work when it comes to keeping your skin healthy. From lessening the damage of UV rays to keeping your skin from going dry, a beard can protect your face from multiple kinds of damage. Two huge advantages of maintaining this luxurious sunblock include stopping wrinkles in their tracks and even helping to prevent skin cancer.

Allergy Prevention

If you live in an allergen-dense area like Texas or New York, allergies can seriously impact your life. Fortunately, your beard hair acts like a net to keep dust and pollen from making their way into your airways and triggering allergies while you’re out on the town. Beards are only effective air filters to a certain extent, however. Some indoor allergens, such as mold spores, pet dander, and dust mite excretions, are known to cause hair loss via small, repeat allergic reactions, so maintaining great air quality in your home overall is vital to ensuring that you have a healthy, effective beard barrier when you head back outside.

Confidence Is Key

Approaching the world with a sense that you are secure, able, and ready for anything is vital to a man’s success. Beards, especially well-kept ones, give others the impression that a man knows exactly what he’s doing. That kind of command over a room is a serious confidence booster.

Beyond added charisma, confidence makes you healthier. Men who feel better about themselves tend to invest more energy in maintaining their health. Being in a great mood has a cyclical effect on mental health, too, as one great mental health day will likely lead to another.

Should anyone ever ask you to change up your facial hair, feel free to remind them why a bushy beard is actually great for your health. Just remember that keeping that hair well-groomed and maintained is essential to getting any of the benefits.