The men’s hair tip every man should know

Men’s hair and how to get it on point.

If if you ask most guys, men really do value their hair. After all, who doesn’t want to have their hair on point?

Did you know, you’re probably forgetting one critical detail that could help make or break your look?

Today, we’re helping break down it all down.

So, what’s this detail you ask? Well, it’s actually very simple, but often overlooked. It’s your natural hair type.

Seriously, think about it.

We all tend to waltz into the barbershop armed with a photo of inspiration and expect the barber to do some type of magic trick on our head.


If our hair doesn’t look exactly like the photo, we get very annoyed. Granted, you’re working with a solid barber/hair stylist.

Your hair type plays a huge role in determining the kind of hairstyle you can have.


Why should I care?

The more you know about your natural hair, the better your chances of achieving that perfect look. It’s no fun spending an hour every morning forcing your hair to do things that it just doesn’t want to.

We spoke to the men’s hair experts over at MENSPIRE Male Image & Grooming in the U.K. to get their take on this. We asked them,

“Does hair type play a role in distinguishing what kind of hair style someone can have?”

Their answer touches on a couple of things: time and your natural hair. They mention,

“Take a look at your hair in its natural state and embrace it.”

They continued by saying,

“It all depends on your manageability. Do you have 45 minutes in the morning to spend on your hair?”

Mind blown right? Something so simple affects what we can end up with.

Now lets dive in.

Get real with your hair type

First, you must sit and get very real with your hair. Yes, stare into the mirror. We give you permission. Everyone does it. Remember, this is about your natural hair and embracing it.

Ask yourself these questions.

What Is the length of my hair?

  1. Shaved (think a #0 to #1 with clippers all over)
  2. Short (think a #1 with clippers or up to 2 inches in length)
  3. Medium (this ranges in length from 2 inches to up to 6 inches)
  4. Long (anything longer than 6 inches. Man bun anyone?)

Hold onto this info.

What Is the natural texture of my hair?

  1. Straight (hair falls straight and has no natural curl)
  2. Curly (hair curves from follicle)
  3. Wavy (the ocean has nothing on your hair)
  4. Kinky (afro-textured hair)
  5. Coiled (almost like a spring, but in hair. You can see the actual curl)

How much weight does my hair have?

Again, remember this is not about what we wish we had. It’s about what we have. In the hair world, weight does not refer to how heavy your hair is. It’s about the mass and depth of your natural hair.

  1. Thin
  2. Bushy
  3. Ultra thick
  4. Dense

Why does this matter

You need to know what you’re working with in order to achieve a certain look. We’ve spoken to a lot of barbers and hair stylists (like this men’s hair stylist from fashion week).

The message is clear: embrace your natural hair.

But, it all starts with figuring out what hair type you have. Then and only then should you go to your barber, consult with him about your hair type, to achieve a new look.

Now, you can officially get your hair on point.