Can I really wash my entire body with charcoal & clay?

Remember back when you were a kid and you used to play in the dirt and mud?

After getting yelled at because you got dirty, you had to wash up. As a kid, did you ever pay attention to your skin?

Today, we going to introduce and welcome you to bring back the childhood days of playing in the mud or in this case Charcoal and Clay. All while helping boost the health of your skin.

You might be asking yourself, “Are they really suggesting to go roll around in some mud?”

We would tell you, “No, you’re a grown-ass man.”

All jokes aside, what we are saying is that natural elements like Charcoal and Clay do boast some healthy benefits to your skin and they’re now being used inside of a new body wash via Dove Men + Care.

Here’s what it looks like.

Before you click over now that we’ve mentioned a specific brand, hear us out. We rolled our eyes at first too.

Let’s go back to when you were a kid playing in the mud.

As a carefree child, you most likely scratched your knee, which would cause you to get up close and personal with said knee. While you were busily examining your knee, you missed one thing. That was, that your skin was tight, right, and young.

Fast forward a few decades and if you pull up that same knee, it’s probably weathered, tired, and aged. It’s called life.

What’s a lad to do?

Wash right.

Seriously, this so called Men Dove+Care is like the unspoken go-to brand when it comes to men’s grooming. Ask around and chances are that someone you know lives by this brand and wouldn’t shower with anything else.

Dry skin?

Don’t worry, this body wash helps with that too. Check out our recent story about dry skin by clicking here.

What about the whole charcoal and clay thing?

You’re in for a treat. This refreshing new body wash is infused with charcoal and clay ingredients, which are known to get your skin on point.

Did you know?

Charcoal is known to act as a magnet to draw out dirt, oil, and toxins, while clay is known as a natural purifier for skin.

This basically means you’re going to go into the shower a dirty boy and come out feeling like a brand new man.

Does it smell?

Yes, so if you’re not into great smelling fragrances or have skin sensitivities then you might need to sit this one out, sorry.

But, if you’re into smelling and feeling awesome without feeling oily, you’re going to want to grab this. It smells pretty damn good.

It’s time to bring back the good ‘ol days and help keep your skin healthy.

Check out Dove Men+Care’s full Elements lineup by clicking here.