Tips and Tricks for Maintaining the Perfect Car Interior

Tips and Tricks for Maintaining the Perfect Car Interior

Performing regular maintenance is essential to your vehicle’s longevity, but maintaining the interior is priceless to its value.

If you love your car, you’ll want to check out these tips and tricks for maintaining the perfect car interior. With these suggestions, the value of your vehicle will be preserved. Best of all, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into the driver’s seat for the very first time, every time.

Step Up Your Dusting Game

If you typically use dashboard wipes to clean the surfaces of your car’s interior, you need to step your game up with a paintbrush.

One of the many secrets to detailing involves the use of a paint brush to get into tight corners, around doors, air vents, and other dashboard features.

You can find one at your local car part’s store or you can save yourself a couple of dollars by simply visiting a craft store. For as little as a few cents, you can purchase a small wooden paint brush.

Keep a Few Vacuums Handy

If you haven’t invested in a handheld vacuum, that should be on your list of priorities.

With a handheld vacuum, you’re able to vacuum the most reduced spaces in your car. You’re also going to want a regular vacuum that you can use to clean up the floors of your car as well as the floor mats.

Remove Foul Odors

If you smoke in your car be sure to not let the smell linger.

Avoiding the smell of tobacco and other foul odors can create a permanent problem. Rather than letting the smell linger, immediately follow up with a tobacco neutralizer—this is typically an aerosol you can spray in your car and other reduced spaces.

Treating tobacco and other odors will make your car smell cleaner and ultimately provide a higher- quality driving experience.

Don’t Forget About Your Windows

Running your car through the carwash can make you forget all about your windows. This forgetfulness can quickly build up grime on your window base.

When cleaning your interior, be sure to roll down your windows and look for any signs of grime build-up. Then, clean your windows using the correct products. This will help you avoid any streaks.

Treat Your Seats Well

Ripped and stained seats don’t look good in any car.

Don’t let this happen to your vehicle by taking care of your seats. Avoid eating in your car as much as possible. You can find other ways to alleviate the premature wear on your seats here.

If you have leather and other sensitive fabrics, be sure to follow specific care instructions. You can also treat your seats to a leather conditioner to help preserve it’s look and quality.

If you’re worried about your seats, you should consider investing in high-quality seat covers as well.

These five tips and tricks will help you maintain the perfect car interior. Your car may look great on the outside, but if the inside isn’t looking just as amazing, you’re losing beauty and value.