Fapping: What is Fapping and Should You Stop During Covid

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To yank the chicken or not to yank the chicken. That IS the question

If you’ve recently googled what does “fapping” mean, you’ve probably seen some hilarious meme that mentions the word “fap”.

Today, we’re going to give you a brief history lesson on where the term “fapping” came from, help you understand exactly what it is, and whether or not you should stop “fapping” during quarantine.

What Does Fap Mean?

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According to UrbanDictionary.com to fap means: “to jerk-off or masturbate”

What Does Fapping Mean?

So, fapping would literally just mean masturbating.

How to Use Fapping in a Sentence

In fact, UrbanDictionary.com used a hilarious example which reads, “Man I was fapping last night and totally jizzed all over my hands.

If this article has become too much for you we suggest have yourself a great cocktail to take the edge off. See what we did there?

Is Fapping Only a Guy Thing?

Yeah, buddy. Women have another term based on the noises that are made during their masturbation sessions. For the gents, you know that slapping sound our hand-to-dick makes when you’re lubed up? That kind of “squishing” sound that can be a major turn-on for many guys?

Yeah, that’s the fapping sound.

Here’s a Simple Video That Lays out What Fapping Is

Where Did Fapping Come From

Well, to make a long story short – it was derived from a Japanese artist’s work back in the 90’s Check out the full history over on MelMagazine that further dives deep into the history.

So, why are we talking about Fapping during 2020?

Fapping During Covid

With so many guys locked up at home, unable to safely date or hookup, let’s just say there’s bound to be a ton of fapping happening.

Fap here, fap there, and literal fapping everywhere.

Think about it. The average guy jerks off a couple of times a week during normal times.

Now, insert quarantine. Yeah, you get it.

Should I stop Fapping During Quarantine?

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This is a tricky question and requires a couple of answers.

First, we’ll start with the baseline question that you should ask yourself. Are you becoming addicted to porn?

A couple of questions you should ask yourself are:

  • Do you specifically change your day so that you can watch porn?
  • Using porn starts to impede your hobbies and responsibilities?

If you answered yes to these, you might want to talk to someone about whether or not you have an addiction to pron.

If you answered no to this, let’s move on.

Second, there’s nothing wrong with masturbating, bro

Some guys tend to feel extremely negative about it, but it’s a natural part of being a dude.

There’s shouldn’t be any stigma about it and during quarantine, we’ve all got to do things that help keep us feeling good about ourselves. In fact, research shows that male masturbation has great benefits such as improved sleep, improved mood, stress, and tension relief.

That being said, there are some guys who have said not fapping has helped them improve in other areas of their lives. For example, it’s said that you don’t ejaculate for a few days, your testosterone levels improve. Some have also reported higher energy levels.


To wrap up today’s article, our word of advice is to do what’s best for you.

Yeah, we know. That’s a bit cliche, but it’s the truth. What works for one guy might have a completely different outcome than another guy. That’s why it’s important to just be aware and do what works for you.

Yes, you should be upfront with yourself if you think you’re addicted to porn. Just like how you should be upfront with yourself and let yourself know it’s totally okay to jerk off. For god’s sake, it’s just a dick after all.

We just want you to know you’re not alone if you’ve wondered about fapping during this quarantine season. Happy fapping.

-The Team at MAN’edged Magazine