Top 80s Fashion Trends for Men

If you’re a fan of fun, outrageous fashion, these top 80s fashion trends for men will help you make the perfect retro revival.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets were a versatile component of 80s fashion. Military-style jackets gave off the stern, disciplined vibes of a well-seasoned soldier, while casual bombers were the beloved, go-to apparel item for more preppy and sporty individuals.

Modern celebrities have kept this comfortable, iconic jacket alive. If you’re looking for something warm and stylish to wear during the fall, slip on this classic 80s trend.

Lots of Bling

Show off your style with rings, piercings, and more. Flashy, oversized jewelry reigned during an era where bigger, eye-catching items were a must-have.

If it’s not overdone, jewelry can make a great fashion statement. Thick, golden rings and ear piercings can either give off a rich, sophisticated look or turn you into the ultimate bad boy.

High Top Sneakers

Have high top sneakers ever gone out of style? The answer to that is plain and simple—nope, and they never will!

Conjured into existence, or, at the very least, popularized by Michael Jackson, these fun, comfortable shoes remain trendy to this very day. Pop on your sneakers and pair them with some denim, jewelry, or a nice jacket to boot.

The Mullet

Another top 80s fashion trend for men is the mullet. With their short, cropped bangs and sideburns paired with magnificent, flowing locks, this hairstyle coined the phrase, “business in the front and party in the back.”

Attributed to the popularity of the one-and-only Tiger King, Joe Exotic, this dated trend has been making a slow but steady comeback. You might ask yourself: should the modern mullet be a thing? The answer? Absolutely!

Denim on Denim

In today’s world, the phrase “double denim” elicits strong, disgusted reactions, but in the 80s, it was all the rage. Beaten-up denim jeans and classy, customized jackets are still stylish in today’s era (when worn separately, of course.)

If you’re feeling brave, double denim or even triple denim can look fantastic when worn right. Choose varying colors and brands to ensure your shirt, jacket, and pants don’t look monotonous.

Patterned Jumpers

Baggy, patterned jumpers were once all the rage, but unfortunately, they’ve fallen out of grace. This piece of personality-filled attire deserves a much-needed comeback, if not for its bold, loud fashion statement, then for the sheer comfort of a good, oversized sweater.

Power Suits

Power suits reared their head during the era of corporate deregulation and the rise of Wall Street. They’re classic, sleek, sophisticated, and perfect for a stroll through the office. Featuring padded shoulders, classic pinstripes, and the occasional suspenders, power suits provide a professional, gentlemanly look, even in today’s world.