Ford’s Best Vehicle Models of All Time

Ford’s Best Vehicle Models of All Time

Few brands exhibit the American spirit more than Ford, a pioneer in the automobile industry.

If you looked back over their long history, what were the standout models that really earned Ford’s place in the books? We’re going to go over some of Ford’s best vehicle models of all time so we can really understand just how influential they’ve been.

Ford Model-T

This list wouldn’t be complete without the original that started it all. The Model-T was exactly what it needed to be—affordable for the everyman and powerful as well. They were also quite easy to fix compared to the competition, making them perfect for those with the know-how to get them up and running.

Ford Mustang

You can’t think of a muscle car without also imagining the Ford Mustang. Made extremely popular by its representation in movies at the time, the Mustang shot to widespread recognition very quickly. Not only were they great cars back in the day, but they also continue to be one of the most popular muscle cars currently on the market.

Ford Escort

The European version of this model employed rear-wheel drive, something that very few other manufacturers were attempting at the time. However, its iconic look is what really sold it for many buyers. For that reason, it remains a popular car to show off at competitions and car shows, especially in places like the UK.

Ford F-Series Trucks

Big, powerful, easily customizable, and able to haul anything you might need, the F-series trucks are easily one of Ford’s best vehicle models of all time. There are very few vehicles that evoke a sense of American heritage the way the F-series trucks do. When you need a truck to rely on, this should be one of your first stops.

Ford Crown Victoria

You can’t escape these cars—not when they make up so many taxi cabs and police vehicles. Say what you will about their public opinion, but the Crown Vic has certainly made its mark upon American history. Even though they’re no longer in production, the Crown Victoria will always be a recognizable site on city streets.

Ford Thunderbird

The Thunderbird was a massive hit in the mid-20th century, with its beautiful interior and sporty look. It actually beat out the newly released Corvette in terms of sports cars, topping its sales by a wide margin. Though they may be relics now, the Thunderbirds that still exist are great pieces of history.