Top Bachelor Pad Design Tips for Beginners

Top Bachelor Pad Design Tips for Beginners

Discover how to turn your plain bachelor pad into a tasteful and well-decorated home.

Let’s face it—the stereotypical bachelor pad is not the epitome of interior design. Whether your apartment, condo, or house is simple as can be or you put hours of thought into it, there is always more to do. Explore these top bachelor pad design tips for beginners and discover the difference an attentive and nuanced home style can make in your life.

Bachelor pads, as a whole, exist in an aesthetic limbo. On the one hand, they have quite definitive styles; on the other hand, this style is often uninteresting and out of touch. Revamp your living spaces with unique art and trendy touches.

Follow the Trends

One of the easiest ways to change up your space is to follow current and trending interior designs. When you decorate with the shapes, textures, and products that reflect famous brands and influencer demonstrations, you know you’re in style. Explore everything from adding small furniture items to splashes of eye-catching color around your bachelor pad and instantly level up.

Make It Cozy

The most common image most men follow when designing their bachelor pads is an industrial, angular, metallic, bare-bones aesthetic. Sure, this style is popular in many circles and may fit your unifying theme, but don’t forget to make your home cozy. The industrial fab is quite drab and cold, sucking color and comfort out of the room. Incorporate warmer colors, throw blankets, mirrors, houseplants, and family photos to create a physically and emotionally warmer tone.

Avoid Loud, Busy Décor

You might be a die-hard football fan and enjoy Sunday night football with the bros, but that doesn’t mean you should have a framed jersey next to a wall-to-wall team flag. Loud, busy décor may be fun for a college split-level you share with four roommates. But if you want to elevate your bachelor pad style, you need to step away from gaudy, overplayed décor items and replace them with thoughtful, stylishly cohesive pieces. You can still be an avid football fan, but you don’t need that to be your living room’s central focus and theme.

Remember these top bachelor pad design tips for beginners as you rebrand your at-home style and discover the world of residential interior design for yourself.