Here’s the Ultimate DIY Face Mask Guide: Video & Best Material to Slow The Spread of Coronavirus

Ultimate DIY Face Mask Guide

The CDC has warned Americans to wear cloth face coverings in public places where you can’t properly practice safe social distancing.

You know, for those dreaded times that we have to go stand outside of the grocery store and weave in & out of the aisles. Today, we’re going to help you out with the ultimate DIY face mask guide.

As much as we all try to do our fair share of staying at home there are, at times, times we have to venture into the outside world.

From grocery stores to pharmacies, sometimes life kicks in, but let’s be smart.

Let’s slow the spread of this thing together by making your own DIY mask.

Before we dive in, here’s what most of us are probably thinking.

Can I get Coronavirus from my shoes. Read this article.

Why Opt for a Cloth Mask Versus a Regular Face Mask?

In short – there’s a shortage

The actual face masks that many people are hoarding as if their lives depend on it are not available for our struggling healthcare workers.

Ultimate DIY Face Mask Guide

You know, those frontline people that are risking their lives to care for us when we hit those hospital beds.

Everyday civilians need to leave that garb to the people who are risking their lives to treat really sick patients. Nurses and doctors here in New York City and throughout the US.

The Price Factor
Ultimate DIY Face Mask Guide

With majority of us having took a financial hit with this pandemic, we have to wise with our money.

Buying new masks week after week is going to take a toll on your wallet especially since we dont know how lon this virus is going to linger.


Constnalty buying and throwing away new masks over is going to contribute to our landfill waste.

Remember, you have to throw out your masks everysingle time you touch it. So, one journey to the grocery store means you’re out a mask. You need to get a new one. The cycle can be costly.


Trying to find a medical mask online right now is kind of like winning lottery. Chances are slim.

Not to be harsh, but if you’re wearing a medical mask you’re a bit of a prick. Unless you absoluelty need them. We cannot stres how important it is to leave the true medical supplies to the forntline works.

The good news is that most everyone has the ability to make thier own at home cloth face mask at any time they wish.

What’s the Difference Between Various Face Masks?

One quesiton people keep asking is what’s the difference between a respirator mask and a surgical mask?

Surgical masks and respirtaor masks were created for differnet environments, so their deisgned are indeed different.

Respirator Mask (N-95 + N-99)

Respirator masks (those N-95 and N-99masks people were hoarding) are sturdier. They are made with a respirator that prevents smaller patical from passing through to the wearer.

Surgical Mask

A surgical mask on the other hand is to protect the wearer from infectious airborn diseasses particles that a patient might have.

What’s Better For Me?


Here’s the thing.

Both of these masks are meant for medical workers.

Yes, actual professionals who also have other various safety checkpoints in place to keep them safe.

They were eyewear, gowns, surgical gloves and have countless protocols in place to decontaminate.

So, when we see everyday people shopping the produce aisle with an N-95 respirator mask in wearing dirty gloves and then go itch their eye…look kind of like a douche.

How Can I Do My Part?

First and foremost, stay that ass at home.

Especially if you’re not feeling well. Even if you feel fine. There’s so much we don’t know about this virus, but what’s being said is that many of us can be carriers and not know it.

But, we do get it.

Sometimes you do need to go out. If you, you don’t need a medical mask.

You’re better off helping the entire healthcare system by freeing up these much-needed face masks for the frontline workers.

You can do a good job of protecting yourself with a cloth face mask which is what the CDC is recommending you do.

Here’s the Ultimate DIY Face Mask Guide and Video

Now for what you’ve been waiting for.

According to the CDC, virtually efveryone can make an cloth mask at home. You basically want to be able to avoid any large partciesl (when people cough or sneeze) from getting inside of your respitory system.

Having a cloth barrier increase your chances that you’ll be albe to avoid this from happen.

Here’s what you need.

  • A t-shirt
  • Rubber bands
  • Safety Pin x 2
  • Scissors

Of course, we had to put our own spin on this, so we found a really cool piece of fabric to step things up a notch in a grey color. You just want to make sure fabric is actually breathable.