What Makes Lightweight Motorcycle Wheels So Special?

What Makes Lightweight Motorcycle Wheels So Special?

Discover how lightweight motorcycle wheels can make your next bike ride awesome.

Motorcycles already make for a great ride, whether you’re just enjoying nature or learning to race. Modifying them can make those rides even cooler and help you win races. Keep reading to learn what makes lightweight motorcycle wheels so special and why they should be the next modification you make on your bike.

Lightweight motorcycle wheels help suspension, make for quicker acceleration, and improve braking. All three help reduce rider fatigue, which is ideal for longer trips and racing. We’ll get into how lightweight wheels do this below.

Help Suspension

How do lightweight wheels help suspension? Since they’re lighter than regular wheels, there is less unsprung weight and less stress on the suspension. This helps the suspension work quicker when hitting bumps or taking turns. With better suspension, your steering doesn’t bounce when you turn, which also helps with acceleration and breaking.

Quicker Acceleration

Less stress on the suspension and less weight on your motorcycle means a reduced rotating mass, which helps you accelerate quicker. With a lighter vehicle, your engine doesn’t have to work as hard to spin your wheels, which means you accelerate quicker and drive faster. While there are other ways to reduce vehicle weight that can help acceleration, the wheels are the parts that spin, so investing in lighter ones is the best way to lighten your load on the road or the racetrack.

Improve Braking

If you’re going to accelerate faster, you need to brake just as fast. Since lightweight wheels are so light, it takes less force to start and stop them. Your braking will improve along with your acceleration. Your bike will be more responsive to braking since there’s less weight to control.

Reduce Rider Fatigue

With less unsprung weight and quicker acceleration and braking, you’ll discover what makes lightweight wheels special: reduced rider fatigue. With such a light ride, you’ll worry less about inertia when taking turns, which reduces mental fatigue. And you’ll reduce physical fatigue since the entire ride will be more comfortable.

Lighter suspension, quicker acceleration, improved braking, and reduced rider fatigue are what makes lightweight motorcycle wheels so special. These benefits are worth every penny of this expensive modification, whether you use your bike to race or just to get around. If you want your next ride to be awesome, then you need to invest in lightweight wheels.