Why CBD Products Are So Expensive

Why CBD Products Are So Expensive

People who love their CBD products swear by them.

And don’t get us wrong, we love our tinctures and gummies as much as the next guy. But holy smokes, why is CBD so expensive? If you’ve ever thought this as you’ve scrolled through an online catalog, we have your answers right here.

How CBD Is Made

CBD is made from hemp, and hemp is a cousin of marijuana. This can conjure up images of people growing plants in their basements and then whipping up CBD in their homes. Although it’s possible to make CBD at home, the process is a lot more complicated and precise than many people imagine.

The next time you buy CBD, see if the company says what extraction method they use to make their products. Do they use ethanol solvent extraction or supercritical CO2? Either way, the process takes a lot of expertise and a whole lot of money.

Furthermore, acquiring low-THC industrial hemp can be tricky. Even though it’s legal and it most definitely can’t get you high, some states make you jump through hoops that can drive up prices.

Marketing Troubles

CBD has been legal for years now. But as we said, it still comes with its own host of unfortunate stereotypes. That, in part, has made it difficult for a lot of manufacturers to market their products freely.

For example, a lot of major websites, search engines, and even major retailers avoid even mentioning CBD, and they often restrict what they sell. And when a company has trouble getting their product out there, what choice do they have but to bring up the price?


The reasons why CBD products are so expensive are often understandable or at least benign. But of course, sometimes it’s just because people know they can get away with it.

Even after all this time, CBD has an air of mystery about it. People think it’s a cure-all or don’t understand how to read the label. And because of that, people don’t know what it should cost—so companies jack up the prices.

The best way to avoid paying way too much for a product is to do your own research. That way, the next time you go to buy CBD, you can be sure you’re getting the best deal possible.