6 Essential Items a Guy Needs in His Bedroom

6 Essential Items a Guy Needs in His Bedroom

A bedroom should be a priority in your home because of how important sleep is for your health.

When designing a bedroom, there are a few items you will want to have in it—and some that you will want to refrain from, like a television. For a more comprehensive look, learn more about the essential items a guy needs in his bedroom.

A Quality Bed

The most important item any guy can have in his bedroom is a quality bed because it directly affects your sleep, so don’t settle for a futon, couch, or the floor. This all starts with a mattress, which should be replaced every 7 to 10 years. Other important items that make up a quality bed include sheets, pillows, and frame.

A Dresser

The next piece of furniture that should be in a bedroom is a dresser. Not everyone has a big enough closet for all their clothes, which is why a dresser is necessary. Plus, a dresser will add more storage capacity to a bedroom, especially if it’s a small room.

A Nightstand

A nightstand is another essential item a guy needs in his bedroom because it offers more storage and a convenient place for items you want to keep within reach from your bed. A nightstand is the perfect place to put an alarm clock, lamp, reading material, or an EDC tray. Without a nightstand, you won’t be able to access items like a book that you use to wind down each night before going to sleep, and you run the risk of creating clutter.

Blackout Curtains

Temperature plays a large role in the quality of sleep we get each night—the cooler the room is, the better sleep you will get. To keep the sun from heating your room during the day, invest in blackout curtains. Not only will blackout curtains keep your room cool, but they will also keep the sun from waking you up before you need to.

Wall Décor

No bedroom is complete without wall décor. Artwork, pictures, plaques, and more give you a chance to make a bedroom personal. The key is to not go overboard with too much wall décor because it can take away from the individual pieces.


A final item that’s easy to overlook is a candle. It’s important that your bedroom has a nice scent to it, and there are plenty of “manly” candles available that can keep the air nice and fresh, which is never a bad thing.