Best Sunglasses for a Big Nose (The Men’s 2023 Guide)

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Discover the best sunglasses for men with a big nose, large head or large face

Searching for the best sunglasses for a big nose or large face can seem nearly impossible. 

If your facial features are larger in some areas, it might be intimidating to even begin searching for that perfect pair of sunglasses that are stylish and offer a great fit.

No matter what your facial anatomy looks like, you deserve to rock cool glasses too bud.

Today we’ve built a comprehensive style guide to help you find those perfect sunglasses that you’ve always wanted.


Your Facial Features

Firstly, we need to get a better understanding of our facial features. 

For example, some may feel that we have a generally big face or a big head.  

Although today’s article focuses on finding the best sunglasses for people with big noses, for our other friends who feel like they have a large head, we have you covered too.

Have a big head? You can simply use the tips below to find your favorite pair of sunglasses too.

How to Choose Sunglasses for Big Noses: tips

Blessed with larger noses? It’s totally okay. It’s a distinct feature and today we’re highlighting the best options to help you find the best sunglasses.

Note: here’s the most important thing to remember.

Finding a perfect pair of sunglasses means that you’ll need to find the right balance when it comes to framing size and fit. You’ll also want to make sure that you feel comfortable and more importantly confident. Your glasses should complement you.

You might even end up trying some on and feel stupid, go with your gut. The entire reason sunglasses are important are not only do they help protect against harmful UV rays, but can help you feel good. We all deserve to feel good, right? So, don’t get discouraged if the first few don’t exactly fit. It’ll take some finessing.

Before diving right into shopping though, it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different styles of sunglasses available. 

To help navigate you, we’re going to break it down into some minor categories:

Frame Style

Have you ever wandered into a sunglass store only to put on a pair of glasses that made you feel like a total dweeb? Chances are we probably didn’t try on the best kind of sunglasses for our bigger noses. 

We got you bud.

Sunglasses Frame Size

First, let’s look at frame size.

When we have a large nose this means we have a larger nose bridge. Anytime we have something that is prominent like the size of the nose, we want to find a pair of glasses that balance this and minimize it.

What’s this mean exactly?

Well, you want to look for a pair of wide-frame sunglasses.

Wide Frame Sunglasses

Second, we highly recommend a wider frame when it comes to shopping for sunglasses.

We’re not saying that you need huge Nicole Ricci glasses, but something that fits the wider on the face to offer the right balance. The smaller the lens frame the bigger your nose will look, which just won’t flow right.

So, finding a pair that is wider versus narrow fitting is going to be helpful in finding your favorite sunglasses.


Third, you may want to pay attention to the material of the glasses. 

For example, we find that non-mental frames are fantastic for those of us with bigger noses. Sometimes, a metal frame pair that is wide-framed feels too heavy and causes annoyance throughout the day. Sometimes metal frames can just be an outright heavy frame.

This is why we think plastic, resin, and other materials offer a better choice.

Still only want metal frames? If metal is your thing we do have a few to choose from below. 

Frame Shape

Next, let’s talk frame shape when it comes to finding the best glasses for that nose of yours.

We’ll make this super easy by breaking it down into two groups: square frames, rectangle frames and round frames.

Square Frames

Square frames are a great choice to help balance the appearance of your nose. In fact, we love a dark frame. We’ve found that square frames help minimize the size of your nose and help give a perfect balance.

men's square framed sunglasses for big noses

Rectangle Frames

The runner-up to square frames would be rectangle frames. Although we think the perfect pair should balance somewhere between square and rectangle, opting for a more rectangle shape is a great option for those of us with bigger noses.

Round Frames

Contrary to popular belief, round glasses can actually help make your nose look smaller. 

Yeah, at first you might scoff at the idea that round glasses could actually work. The most important factor to keep in mind is the size of the frame. If you opt for a round pair of frames you want to mark sure they are large frames. Smaller frames will only pronounce the prominence of your nose. Also, a narrow fit frame will also most likely squeeze your face for those of us with big heads.

Frame Thickness

A great way to give the illusion of a smaller nose and draw attention away from our snout is to look for the perfect frame. You know, the actually frame itself. The right frame. Now, it all depends on the shape of your face, so we highly urge you to try on 20 pairs of glasses to really get comfortable. Don’t get discouraged right away.

Thick frames or oversized frames could offer the perfect fit for those of us with either larger heads or big noses.

The Bridge Shape of Sunglasses

Lastly, another important feature when it comes to shopping for sunglasses for big noses is the keyhole bridge. There are typically two main styles of bridge shapes: the saddle bridge and the keyhole bridge.

Can you guess which is best for people with larger noses?

The Keyhole Bridge

man wearing a keyhole bridge styled sun glass

If you guessed that the keyhole bridge is the best choice for those with larger noses, you guess right!

Keyhole bridges as shown below offer a classic style and of course the shape resembles an old-fashioned keyhole. This look helps offer a little gap around the nasal bones. This gives the impression of space and helps make your nose look smaller.

So, when you’re looking for the Best Sunglasses for a Big Nose you’ll want to keep this style in mind.

The Saddle Bridge

The saddle bridge is a more modern design that fits snug around the nose. This will ultimately make your nose stand out more, so. We recommend staying away from this if you have. large nose.

man wearing sunglasses featuring a saddle bridge

Pad Height for Sunglasses

This is where the sunglasses come in contact with your nose and how the frame rests on your face.

Depending on the style of glasses you opt for will help determine the sort of pads you have. Any full-rim acetate glasses will typically have fixed pads that are built into the frame. Rimless or half-rim styled frames will typically have adjustable nose pads.

When and if you for the adjustable nose pads, we recommend swapping out the pads to ensure that they are wide enough and comfortable.


A quick word about color when it comes to searching for the best sunglasses for a Big Nose.

Although we love a solid black pair of glasses, if you have a big head or large nose we highly recommend opting for a bright or bold color. This will help draw attention away from your nose.

Here are our Best Sunglasses for a Big Nose Round Up

Now, for that moment you’ve been waiting for. Here’s our list of the best sunglasses. Because of their shape, they can help blend your nose rather than contrast to it like a pair of square sunglasses.

It just comes down to the frame width and trying items on.


The Staggs Men’s Sunglasses by Tomahawk Shades ($80)

men's gucci sunglasses
Men’s Gucci Square keyhole glasses from ($350)

Men’s Dolce & Gabbana Pilor Sunglasses from ($295)

Men’s Tate Sunglasses by WAP Eye ($35)

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