Birthday Girl Gets Candles Blown Out is How We All Feel About [Viral Video]

birthday girl viral video
Photo image courtesy @itsTimHell/Twitter

The Viral Birthday Girl Candle Video Taking Over the Internet

Have you seen the viral Birthday Girl Candle video taking over the internet?

We know we don’t typically cover this sort of trending topic, but this #birthdaygirlcandles viral sensation shows the true feelings of how many of us feel this year.

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Watch the Video of The Birthday Girl Getting Her Candles Blown Out


Here’s the Backstory of the Birthday Girl in the Video

Allegedly these two little ones are sisters, which could probably explain a lot of the dynamic between the two. Without diving too deep in the kids being kids debacle, let’s cover what we’ve found out so far.

First, according to EN24 News, the viral video originates from Brazil and features two sisters. The birthday girl who looked so ready to blow out her birthday cake candles, Maria Eduarda, and her sister.

Second, we know violence is not the answer, but sometimes you’ve got to unleash a can of whoop-ass. Especially when people knowingly do things just to hurt you.

Here Are a Couple Snippets of Hilarious Memes Social Media Has Created

First, let’s just started with Twitter doing its usual thing.

viral video of birthday girl getting her candles blown out

Next, we have another hilarious title that popped up calling the sister a “Baby Karen” via The Daily Dot.

girl blows out the candle to a little birthday girl and she pulls her hair in retaliation

Lastly, of course, is our all-time favorite the 2020 meme.birthday girl fiasco sisters

Here’s How to Handle the Next Time Kids Pop Off at an Event Near You

In conclusion, kids will be kids.

Sometimes, siblings will come out swinging if you mess with their birthday candles, but there are a couple of things you can do you if kids start to act up at the next family gathering you go to.

We suggest, grabbing yourself s solid beer like this Dos Equis beer (you can read about a fun interview with Celebrity Rob Riggle and his recent Dos Equis campaign here).

Feel like something stronger?

Sometimes being around such little ones might have you hankering for a stronger cocktail for which we highly recommend checking out our entire drinks section over here.

In any case, just be sure to never ever blow out your sibling’s birthday cake candles.

Or anyone’s really.

Stay safe and healthy.

-The Team at MAN’edged Magazine