Guys Gets Twisted Tea To The Face [Viral Video]

twisted tea viral video

In  The Viral Twisted Tea Video Taking Over the Internet

Have you seen the viral Twisted Tea video taking over the internet?

In this article, we’re going to cover something that we don’t typically do. For example, we don’t typically cover this sort of trending topic, but this #TwisteTea viral sensation shows the true feelings of how many of us feel this year. Especially when it comes to people racist.

Watch the Video of The Twisted Tea Incident Here

Here’s the Backstory of the Twisted Tea Video

According to sites like the New York Post, this video shows a white man being hit in the face with a can of Twisted Tea at an Ohio gas station. This is not without reason. The man in the video, whose name is Randy Teter, according to had repeatedly called the black man the n-word.

Additionally, according to the local news station Clevland 19 News, this incident happened on Christmas eve.

Why is this Particular Viral Video Important

First, we have to make it very clear since our readers come from all around the world. Here at MAN’edged Magazine we owned and operated by a person of color (see our about us page). Blatant racism is nothing new to us. Walking into the world every single day being baited, pre-judged, and hated is a very difficult thing to endure.

Second, we have to understand that this type of taunting takes a toll even on the strongest person. We applaud the discipline this man showcased before smacking the crap out of this racist pig.

Although we don’t urge our readers to choose violence, somethings you gotta do what you gotta do…with or without a Twisted Tea in tow.

We Wish 2020 Would Get a Twisted Tea to the Face Too

This particular video is coming at a time where one of the worst years in US history is coming to a close. It’s been filled with plenty of viral videos like the video of the birthday girl incident.

Plus, there’s a racist and misogynistic president is on his way out.

In addition, this year has had so many battles and uncovered so much deeply rooted hated that we a country have had to take a hard long look at ourselves. Enough is enough.

Sure, this is just another funny viral video to some, but to us, it’s symbolic of how we all want to smash out 2020.

So, on a lighter note, since you did probably click this article to see some hilarious memes, social media has been there to help us make light of situations like this.

Here Are a Couple of Hilarious Memes Showcasing the That Social Media Has Created

As Newsweek has pointed out, this viral video has received over 1 million views and memes have quickly taken over social media.


To Get Twisted Tea’d or Not to Get Twisted Tea – the answer is really simple

In conclusion, there’s no place for racism in today’s world. We can’t believe we have to say it.

-The Team at MAN’edged Magazine