Dating tips that’ll make or break that first date.

First dates are awkward, tough and let’s face it, downright nerve-wrecking for both people involved.

So, in order to make it more manageable, here are five tips to survive that dreaded first date.

#1. Make plans for something exciting and extraordinary

Making plans to go to the movies or a bar is about as enticing as watching paint dry.

No thanks, I can do those things by myself.

Think of something fun, ask the person what they like to do, or maybe introduce them to something you’re interested. In a city like New York, there is certainly no shortage of fun, exciting, and often free fun things to do.

Go ahead, consult your buddy Google, think outside the box, and plan a great first date!

#2. Be on time

There’s nothing that drives me more crazy than someone who is late to a date…especially the first one.

I get it, the train broke down, your boss kept you late, and you had to help an old lady cross the street.

But, on the day of your date, pack your superhero cape and get to where you need to be on time…or even early! It shows your date they matter.

#3. Be polite and honest

Fine, so maybe the first date isn’t going according to plan. Maybe you two just aren’t a match. But the least you can do is be polite.

Treat that person like you would want to be treated. After all, maybe they’re not feeling it either.

Lucky for you (or both of you), it’ll be over before you know it and you never have to do it again. This is a small world and you never know when you’re going to run into this person, so don’t be an jerk and certainly don’t burn bridges.

All you have to do is let know, nicely, you don’t think it was a good fit for you.

#4. Don’t be a dud

There’s nothing worse than going on a first date with someone and having to drag conversation or interaction out of that person.

Unfortunately, some people just don’t understand how to have a regular in-person conversation with another human.

Whether you’re shy or just lame, practice your conversation skills…like you practice your favorite “selfie” face in the mirror.

#5. Pick up the tab

I get it, a city like New York is an expensive place to live and dating is an expensive activity to participate in. You chose to live here and you’ve got to pay to play.

Now, I’m not saying your first date has to be expensive¬†or even cost anything at all.

If you do end up going somewhere and there’s a tab involved, be the dude to dish the dough. I promise it makes a difference.