How to Manage Multiple Dates in One Day

Dating doesn’t need to take up too much time.

Have you ever tried to going on multiple dates in a single day? It’s all about streamlining the dating process so that you have the cards in your favor. 

I know, I know, it can seem intimidating, but why not make use of your time? Today, I’m helping you kick your game up another notch by mastering multiple dates in a single day.

#1. Get names straight

There’s nothing more embarrassing than calling your date by someone else’s name.

If you’re horrible at remember names, don’t worry. Luckily you have a handy dandy note pad in your phone to jot down people’s names. Learning people’s names will help you look like you know what you’re doing and are confident. They’ll never know you have 5 more dates planned after. Boom!

#2. Change the venue

Don’t plan coffee or drinks for every date you go on. Especially, if you don’t want to get caught with all of your dates. Think of the time of day, the person you’re going with and what both of your interests are. Plus, you’ll have a much better time going out to explore new venues and places if you change things up. 

#3. Have Fun

There’s nothing worse than going on a date that feels like work or requires major effort. To keep it fresh, treat each date as a new opportunity to get to know someone (and yourself). Just make sure you keep your notes straight. Don’t get confused with what the last person told you.

#4. Keep Track

Just like work, it’s important to keep things on schedule and organized, so why not use your handy dandy planner (or mobile device calendar) to actually schedule your dates. Enter the time, date and place and it’ll be that much easier to keep track.

#5. Set time limits

You don’t want to rush through things (or maybe sometimes you do, depending on the date of course), but you also don’t want to get to the last date and be so spent you can’t even think. To accomplish successive successful dates, make sure you give yourself whatever time you figure to be appropriate to get in a good date but be able to have enough energy for the next.

#6. Eat Your Heart Out

Planning dates around meals can be an easy, no-brainer way to accomplish multiple dates in one day. You don’t have to eat at every single meal, but between coffee, breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and after dinner drinks, you should be able to check off all the food groups. After all, don’t all New Yorkers love to eat?

Overall, dating should be fun. Go out there, meet people and do it with grace.