Here’s how to increase your chances in the dating pool

Casino slot machines that represent dating and increasing your luck

Why not put the odds in your favor?

Dating in New York City is like trying to win the lotto, you’re always hopeful of the gamble, but the odds are not in your favor. So instead of submitting to the loser list, increase your chances by dating double time.

That’s right, play the field!

Now, I know I’m going to get all kinds of flack for this, but let’s be real, until someone proves they’re worthy of your complete and undivided attention, aint’ nothin’ wrong with a little flirting around town.

I’m not encouraging you to engage in “less than approved” activities with just anyone, but getting to know multiple people at a time can prove to have major benefits.

For starters, you’re less susceptible to set yourself up for disappointment because it’s much easier to take it slower with people when you’re only seeing them every so often.

You’re also able to practice your dating skills because you’re constantly sharing who you are in different ways depending on who you’re dating on that day. It’s kind of like attending multiple job interviews. The more you have, the better you get at it!

Finally, you have more time to figure out what you want and don’t want when you have multiple options in front of you.

But in all of this, I must say, it is critical to be open and honest with those you are dealing with, as well as with yourself.

If you can’t handle it, or the people you’re involved with don’t like it, it’s time to reassess the situation and find something that does work for you.