Here’s what to expect and how to behave on your second date

Wine and cocktail glass for article about dating

The second date

Dating can be tricky. Now that you’re passed date numero uno and are ready for that second meeting, it should be smooth sailing, right?

Not always. I can’t tell you how many times dudes “F” it up either right before, or just after, the second date. Sigh!

I’m here to help tell you how to be the rockin’ Romeo you are.

Keep the Date

So many times, dudes think they’ve got it in the bag and will postpone the second date because “something came up”, expecting you to be around that next time you’re supposed to hang out.

Sorry, homie! It doesn’t work like that.

If I make time for you and clear my busy-ass schedule, you bet that time slot ain’t gonna be around if you decide to postpone.

No Netflix & Chill


The second date does not equal second base. Just because I went out with you once, doesn’t mean I’m going to hang out with you at home.

Be a gentleman and let’s plan a proper date.

No Bro Zone

I know we may have “gotten to know each other” the first time and you felt comfortable with me, but please leave your homies at home.

I don’t care if your BFF wants to meet me or he happens to be at the same bar we’re at, our second date is no place for them.

I’m trying to date you, not you and the crew.

Now that you’ve got it down pat, you’re in for a soaring second date!

Wine and cocktail glass for article about dating