Everyone has the white kicks – here’s what’s next

New Balance $79.95

Tired of wearing what everyone else is? 

If you’ve been aiming to invest into some shoes for your summer getaway, but don’t want to rock the same thing that almost every guy is wearing on the streets of SOHO (ahem, the white sneaker), well look no further. The new men’s shoe trend is here!

The color

Blue! Our friends over at Bloomingdales have you covered when it comes to the shoe department, but more importantly they offer a great assortment of this blue shoe craze. Our men’s trend radar is telling us that this blue shoe will be hot long after summer is gone. The “blue-er” the better.

Various styles

One major plus about this trend is that this color is being offered in many various styles. We’re positive that you can dress these kicks up or down if styled correctly. From slips on to lace-ups, the style opportunities are endless.

Less than $100.00?

Get ready for this – these great kicks can all be found for under $100.00 from our friends over at Bloomingdales! You can grab some of these awesome shoes by clicking here.

Michael William G.


Are you ready for the blue shoe craze? Which one is your favorite? Hit us up on our Twitter or Instagram. Leave a comment below and let’s get the convo going.

Check out some of our favorite offerings from our friends @Bloomingdales

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Photo source courtesy of Bloomingdales