Look your best this spring and summer with these editor’s picks for men

April 2018

Guys, reach for this Spring and Summer Season to help your style

Every Spring, men across the world are fumbling around with their closets trying to figure out what to wear. As soon as that calendar hits Spring, it’s like we all come out from hiding.

So, don’t get seen looking like a mess, man.

That’s why today we’re highlighting our Editor’s Pick to help guys just like you look and feel your best this Spring.

Here are our top picks to help you look awesome.

#1 Reebok Classics Club C Sneaker $70

white men's reebok classic sneakers april editors pick for men

We recently featured this in our latest style feature, but hands down we had to put this on our editor’s list. They’re easy to wear and will make your entire ensemble pop with freshness the next time you head out.

#2 Bomber by Perry Ellis $228

mens jacket by perry ellis april editors pick for men

Although it may be Spring, sometimes the air still might be a bit cool. That’s why we wanted to feature a solid lightweight jacket that won’t make you sweat, but provide another layer of comfort when the sun sets.

#3 Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey $60

Ever gent needs a go-to whiskey to reach for this Spring Season. If you haven’t checked out our weekly whiskey series here, we got you covered. Just grab a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon and kick back. You got this.

#4 Racer Leather Jacket by Superdry $395

black leather jacket for men april editors pick for men

This awesome men’s leather jacket by Superdry is a no-brainer. Pair with your above mentioned Reebok Classic and boom. You’re looking fly in no time.

#5 Renewed Hope for Men Mattifying Moisturizer by Philosophy $36

men's grooming moisturizer april editors pick for men

With the weather (hopefully) getting warmer, our skin will tend to get a bit more oily as the day goes on. Counter this by applying this men’s mattifying moisturizer by Philosophy. Yes, they created a great men’s line and it’ll keep you looking great and non-oily all summer long.