Must-Have Furnishings for a Man Cave

Must-Have Furnishings for a Man Cave

The distinguished gentleman requires some must-haves among his possessions: a cool car, a fashionable wardrobe, a lover on his arm, and a place to kick back—a man cave.

Every man should have a place in the home to call his own. A place that he can decorate as he sees fit and fill with his favorite things.

Superman called his man cave the Fortress of Solitude, and yours should have a name too.

Each man will decorate the cave with his own personal touch, but there are some must-have furnishings necessary to complete any respectable man cave.

Round Table and Quality Chairs

Bars in the man cave are over.

No one sits at them, and the host never stands behind it.

People can get their own drinks. This is where the table and chairs come in. When it’s halftime, get off the couch and sit at the table and go over your betting sheet.

The table is good for playing poker and drinking games and pulling on a cigar.

Massive Sectional Sofa

Seating in the cave is a must, and the bigger selection, the better. During the game or a Chuck Norris triple feature, the lads will want comfort and plenty of it.

Sectional sofas have all that and then some. They take up a lot of space, but they also provide a ton of seating. Move the sectional around and find the perfect configuration so everyone can put their feet up.

Extra-Large TV

When it comes to TV, there’s no such thing as too big. Buy the TV first and build the house around it if you must.

Get the biggest TV available or a massive LED wall or an HD projector, as long as it shows crystal-clear images of the blades of Astroturf.

Along with the TV, you will need an internet connection for streaming services, NFL Sunday Ticket, and every major sports package available.

Full-Size Fridge

Don’t waste time with mini college refrigerators. You aren’t living in the dorms, trying to keep your Smirnoff ice cold.

A full-size fridge is the only way to go, and it needs to be as close to the couch as possible. Getting up for a beer is fake news.

Fill it with the adult beverages of your choice and fill the freezer with Jägermeister and Dr. McGillicuddy’s.

Locking Doors

Make sure that any and all doors have locks on them, and that you alone hold the keys. Put a deadbolt on the top as well.

The doors should be solid too, to make them harder to kick down.

When you aren’t in the man cave, nobody else should be in there either. Children, girlfriends, and wives are a security issue to any man cave. Keep it locked down.