Surprising Things You Can Do With Beer

Surprising Things You Can Do With Beer

If you had an endless supply of beer, what would you do with it?

The production of beer dates back over 5,000 years. Over those 5,000 years, humans have found a plethora of different ways to use it. We’re accustomed to drinking beer, but did you know that you can bathe in it, use it to marinate meat, and tidy up your lawn with it?

Let’s check out some surprising things you can do with beer so that you can stop putting your leftovers to waste.

Take a Beer Bath

Instead of drinking your beer, consider dumping it into your bathtub and taking a nice, long soak. A beer bath will provide your skin with nutrients, including vitamins, proteins, and saccharides. Due to the high amounts of vitamin B, it’s beneficial to people with acne, psoriasis, cellulitis, and poor blood circulation.

Marinate Your Meats

Another surprising thing you can do with beer is to use it in a marinade. Beer is slightly acidic, which makes it great for tenderizing meats.

By marinating your meat in beer, you can enjoy leaner cuts that would otherwise be too tough. Beer won’t alter the meat’s flavor as much as wine and vinegar-based marinades do, so you can use it to add a subtle flavor to your dish.

Tidy Up Your Lawn

The fermented sugars in beer can stimulate plant growth and eliminate fungi. You can spray a home brew, Rolling Rock, or other chemical-free beer onto any brown spots on your lawn. The grass will absorb the sugar in the beer and draw energy from it.

Pass a Kidney Stone

Passing a kidney stone isn’t fun, but beer can make the process a lot more tolerable. Beer is a diuretic, which means it can help flush your kidney and bladder.

It also dilates the ureters, which are the tubes connecting the kidneys and bladder. This process helps you pass kidney stones quicker and easier. Plus, it can take the edge off the pain!

Have Fun

Feel like adding some extra excitement to your beer? Try setting up a classic game of beer pong. You can play it casually or devote yourself to becoming a champion.

You can use beer for other fun activities, too. The next time you’re feeling bored, lay down a vinyl tarp on a slope in your yard and then slick it with plenty of beer. You’ve got yourself a homemade beer slide! Slide down it to your heart’s content.