The Most Expensive Car Repairs

The Most Expensive Car Repairs

Even when you can afford them and money isn’t a problem, paying for a car repair sucks.

It means that your car is in the shop and not on the road and you’re blowing money on something you’d rather not. Like buying your favorite new whiskey.

That money could have gone to tickets to a game, a new men’s suit, or a night out; there are a million other things you could’ve shelled it out on. It’s part of owning a car, though.

The Most Expensive Car Repairs

They won’t run forever and need some maintenance occasionally to try to mitigate some of those costs by keeping your car or truck in good working condition.

If you have a brand-new car, you won’t have anything to worry about for a long time.

The Most Expensive Car Repairs

If you want to buy used, make sure to follow essential tips for buying a used vehicle, or have a trusted mechanic do it for you so you don’t buy someone else’s problem.

The Most Expensive Car Repairs

Don’t let any minor noise go unchecked, change the oil regularly, and don’t drive it like you’re on the track at a NASCAR event. For both yours and your car’s safety.

Know that there are some repairs that are more expensive than others and can exceed the value of your car.

Here are the most expensive car repairs.

Airbag Replacement

Airbags are one of the greatest developments in car safety in decades. They are also an expensive pain to replace.

The Most Expensive Car Repairs

Plan on paying around several thousand dollars for this.

Maybe you got lucky and it was only a love tap that made them deploy and the car is still drivable. However, odds are that, if the airbags deployed, your car probably isn’t worth saving.

Transmission Repairs

The transmission is a complex part of any car or truck. It converts the energy and torque from the engine into power to the wheels.

The Most Expensive Car Repairs

It’s difficult to access, remove, and repair.

Because of that, you are going to pay around $4,0000 to $5,000 for this service. The problem with transmission repairs is that your car can’t go anywhere without it.

You now have a giant lawn ornament; congratulations.

Electric/Hybrid Batteries

Everyone wants to save the environment and buy electric or hybrid cars, and why not? It makes you feel good to make a difference.

When one of those batteries craps out and needs replacing, however, it’s going to cost you.

Like all rechargeable batteries, the massive ones in cars will eventually not hold a charge and need replacing.

Get ready to shell out around $6,000 when that time comes.

Engine and Cylinder Replacement

The Most Expensive Car Repairs

If a mechanic tells you there is major engine damage, start looking for a new car. When the cylinders in an engine are done for, the car will not run.

They are in the heart of the engine, and if they need replacing, the engine must be pulled out of the car.

The only reason to pay $10,000 for a new engine is if you have a holy grail, one-of-a-kind car that you cannot live without.

In which case, God speed.

The Most Expensive Car Repairs