Top Reasons You Should Grow A Beard This Summer

Top Reasons You Should Grow A Beard This Summer

With barbershops and hair salons closed around the county due to COVID-19, a lot of men are suffering from poor grooming. If you are someone who typically sports a clean-shaven look, now is the perfect time to experiment with facial hair. Many men are growing beards while isolating and, as it turns out, there are many benefits to growing one during this time of the year as well. Keep reading to discover the top reasons you should grow a beard this summer.  

Shaving Is a Pain 

The number one reason why you should grow a beard is that it gives you an excuse to shave less often. While a clean shave is nice, not only does it not last long, but when you have sensitive skin, it can be intolerable. You will still need to keep your beard looking clean by shaving your cheeks and neck, but you won’t have to shave regularly to maintain a consistent look. 

To Look More Attractive 

There are also many studies out there that say beards and facial hair can make you more attractive. Instead of rocking a clean-shaven look that might get you mistaken for a high school student, grow a beard and embrace your inner masculinity to boost your confidence. 

Provides Protection from the Sun and Allergies 

Another top reason why you should grow a beard this summer is that it can actually protect you from UV rays and summer allergies. When it comes to UV rays, a beard can block over 50 percent of these dangerous rays, protecting you from sunburns and even potentially skin cancer. A beard also acts as a natural filter by catching pollen, dust, and other allergens before they enter your mouth or nose.  

Beards Are Acceptable Today 

Many men are reluctant to grow a beard because they assume that it doesn’t look professional. However, most workplaces are far more accepting of facial hair than they used to be years ago. You can also look incredibly professional with a beard; all you need to maintain it is a beard trimmer to clean it up and a beard oil or balm to style it. 

You Won’t Have to Look Bad in Public 

When growing a beard, the first few weeks may make you want to shave it off because it might look rough. Instead of grabbing your razor, be patient and let it grow out for a least one month. A month will not only give you a good idea of what you are working with, but this is when your facial hair will start to look like a full-fledged beard. Given the current circumstances, being out in public regularly isn’t the safest option. There’s no need to worry about your appearance when you are in the growing phasing because you aren’t in public that much right now. Plus, a face mask will cover up your facial hair anyway. So, come out of quarantine with a glorious-looking beard that will instantly improve your appearance. If it doesn’t work out, you can just shave it off when things start to feel normal again.