Combatting Anxiety: 5 Hobbies That Help Reduce Stress

Combatting Anxiety: 5 Hobbies That Help Reduce Stress

Taking care of your body is important, and that means more than exercising every day

Don’t forget that total healthiness means taking care of your mind as well.

With stay-at-home orders still in place around the nation, now is the perfect time to delve into ways you can improve your mind.

man sitting stressed

Learn ways to reduce anxiety and come out more confident and emotionally intelligent after quarantine.

Here’s a guide to help you and your friends during these uncertain times.

Start by introducing some stress-reducing activities into your life.

We’ve listed some of our favorite hobbies that help reduce stress below—check them out!

1. Explore Beekeeping

honey bees in beehive

Beekeeping, you say?

It may seem strange, but studies have shown that beekeeping can reduce stress and depression.

It’s a way to get out, breathe in some fresh air, get some quality sunshine, and help protect the bees.

Scope out the backyard for a good place your hives, get your beekeeping equipment, and then get started!

You’ll love the serenity that comes with caring for the bees.

2. Relax With Yoga

Combatting Anxiety: 5 Hobbies That Help Reduce Stress

Your go-to workout routine may be doing a lot already for your stress, but it’s also a good idea to switch it up.

Sometimes the best way to overcome that workout plateau is by implementing small changes to your routine. I

Instead of your HIIT workout or leg day, try yoga instead. It can help you be more mentally present and give you time to delve into your emotions.

3. Read and Listen More

a sign above a filled book shelf that says read

When you’re bored, instead of lazing in front of the TV or video games, pick up a book and plug into some good tunes.

Electronics aren’t the only way to pass the time, and reading is one of those hobbies that doesn’t take much effort. Bring a book with you on your walk, and sit with it in nature for a bit.

Learn about the relaxing power of classical music and a good book. The powerful partnership of music and reading may be just what you need to reduce stress.

4. Restore a Car

vintage that that's been restored

Now, you don’t have to go out and buy an old car, but now may be the perfect time to delve into that restoration hobby you’ve been curious about.

Restoration is one of the top hobbies that help reduce stress for men.

If you can’t restore an old car, research the different ways you can spruce up your current vehicle.

If that doesn’t work, read up on the ways the car industry has changed over the years—you’re sure to focus on the beauty of the make rather than your stress.

5. Dive Into Cooking

man chopping food

If you want your creativity to result in something tasty, then explore the art of cooking.

The repetitive movement of chopping vegetables, kneading dough, and creating new flavors gives you something to focus on.

Get all your senses involved with overcoming stress, and try out a new recipe. You won’t regret picking up this hobby.

Still feel a bit on edge?

We totally get it. The current state of the worlds is a lot to bear.

It’s also one that we should all be conversing about to help us further process.

Men and Mental Health Have Always Had an Interesting Dynamic

Growing up, typically guys are told to “man up”. To not deal wiht their emotions, but we as huamsn have emotions.

As you can imagine, that leaves many guys trying to hide their emotions or supressing feelings ultimelty doing a ton of mental damange.

If you or a buddy might feeling low, it’s up to us to check in with one another.

Here’s a guide to help you and your friends during these uncertain times.

Stay safe and healthy.

-The Team at MAN’edged Magazine