Trade in your unwanted gifts for a beer. Here’s how.

Do you dread throwing out unwanted gifts after the holidays?

What do you do with your unwanted gifts? Toss ‘em? Hide them? Re-gift? Don’t be like this, and give someone a fake “thanks” for a less than stellar present:

Christmas is in 1 week! OMG, can you believe it? Decided to give y’all a little Vegan humor on this Sunday ??? I love #AVOCADOES btw #hinthint #RIP #VINE #twitter #thanks #cutiepie #holiday #gifts #babies #fruits #veggies #PlantBasedLife #Christmas #avacado #toast #VEGAN #LOVE #me #oneweek #sevendays #humor #funday

Instead, trade in your unwanted gifts for a free beer.

Our friends at Heineken (click here to catch our last Heineken story) are hosting a holiday trading post, inspired by their latest commercial that you can catch below.

The best part? In exchange for your seasonal cast-offs, Heineken will offer up a free beer. Visit the pop-up after the holidays to trade in any unwanted gift – from ugly sweaters to random stocking stuffers – for a free beer, the gift that always fits. Now that’s something everyone loves!

You’ll also be able to enter their contest and get the chance to win a grand prize trip to Amsterdam.

Time and day

The trading post is open to the public for only one day: Tuesday the 27th. It will be open from 1PM to 7PM.


Park Avenue Tavern located at 99 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016.

Happy Trading and please drink responsibly!

Heineken Holiday Trading Post inside New York City's Park Avenue Tavern