Ways to Improve Your Posture as a Guy

Ways to Improve Your Posture as a Guy

Confidence is important for many guys.

While you can exude confidence through your clothes, accessories, car, house, etc., one simple way is through posture. People view good posture—remaining upright, shoulders back, head high—positively.

Still, not many men know how to maintain a good stance in their everyday lives, especially if they’re sedentary and sit all day.

In this case, here are some effortless ways to improve your posture as a guy without affecting your livelihood.

Get Up, Get Moving

One of the main culprits in bad posture is a lack of exercise. Humans shouldn’t sit all day the way they do.

Schools, offices, cars, and even lounging at home are all detrimental to your health because these aren’t physically active places.

Taking regular walking breaks or going to a local gym for daily exercise will help your posture for multiple reasons.

For starters, it can improve confidence and help you stand straighter.

As you feel more like a man, others will see you as more of a man.

Additionally, exercising certain parts of your body, like your glutes, back, neck, abs, and hamstrings, prevent you from slouching forward.

When these muscles strengthen, your body reacts with a stronger center of balance.


Another way to improve your posture as a guy is to get a massage.

Not every man is comfortable with someone touching his body, but this might feed the problem.

If you are looking for a solid way to unwind after a long day of work you could also try lighting candles.

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Carrying too much stress causes poor spinal curvature, called kyphosis.

Your upper spine curves and weakens your shoulder blades and stabilizers.

Regular massages can alleviate the stress and literally reduce the weight off your shoulders.

You should also monitor your sleep.

Choose a firm mattress that holds your spine’s natural shape.

Even sleeping on your side could affect your posture.

Keep knees bent slightly without hugging them, and keep a small pillow under your neck.

Your body gets the support it needs without putting pressure on joints or muscles.

Carry Your Belongings in Your Front Pockets

Lastly, many men carry their wallets, smartphones, keys, and other pocket items in their back pockets because it’s convenient.

While that’s true, it also sabotages your body positioning. Too much weight on your backside can lead to spinal irritability.

Your sciatic nerve could sustain nerve damage and affect how you stand or sit upright.

Fortunately, you can avoid this by storing accessories in your front pockets. Consider a front-pocket wallet, phone, or other items to secure your posture and keep your belongings safe.