Weightlifting Myths You Need to Ignore

A man standing with a bar with weights over his shoulders.

When you express interest in working out, you are probably going to hear all sorts of advice from people on how you should go about it.

You might even hear a bunch of myths that could scare you off, but working out is one of the best ways to stay fit and should be a part of your exercise routine.

Learn about some weightlifting myths you need to ignore ahead.

You’re Going to Get Too Bulky

One myth that keeps people out of the gym is the idea that they are going to get too bulky if they start weightlifting.

While you will build muscle if you work hard, you aren’t going to turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s important to understand that there is a lot more beyond weightlifting that goes into a physique, such as your diet and how you work out.

If you are just looking to stay fit, then you don’t have to worry about getting too big.

You Need a Gym Membership

Another misconception is that you need to have a membership to an expensive gym to work out. This is far from the case.

For a more long-term investment that doesn’t require monthly payments, you can get exercise equipment and various other accessories to build a home gym of your own.

It Doesn’t Burn as Many Calories as Cardio

Because strength-training might not make you sweat as much as cardio, people believe that it doesn’t burn as many calories.

While you might burn more calories from cardio in an hour or so that you do it, you won’t be burning any more once you are finished. Weightlifting continues to burn calories over the next 48 hours.

You Have to Work Out Every Day

When people get in the mindset of working out, they believe that they must work out every day to stay fit.

Working out every day can be more damaging to your body because it needs to rest. That is why you need to give yourself at least one rest day each week.

You Need to Lift Heavy

A final weightlifting myth you need to ignore is the idea that you need to lift heavy to build muscle. Going for your max every time is a surefire way to injure yourself.

While you should be working hard, a much better alternative is to focus on your form.

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Stay safe & healthy.

-The Team at MAN’edged Magazine