What’s Better? LCD or LED Monitors for Gaming?

What’s Better? LCD or LED Monitors for Gaming?

There’s a debate going on right now in the gaming community, and it centers around monitors.

What’s better? LCD or LED monitors for gaming? There is one major difference between the two kinds.

No matter if it’s a smaller desktop monitor or a massive screen for a professional e-sporting event, the technology is similar. But for certain applications, one kind is better than the other.

What’s the Difference Between Them?

Here’s the low-down on LCD monitors

Liquid crystal display (LCD) technology is what’s used in most of the everyday tech we handle. Things like smartphones, tablets, TVs, and smart watches all have LCD screens.

LCD screens are smaller, thinner, and consume less energy. The LCD technology came first and light-emitting diode (LED) technology came second.

Here’s the low-down on LED monitors

LED is an improvement on the preexisting technology. The Samsung corporation is credited with creating LED screens. They are used almost exclusively in TVs and monitors. The major difference between the two is the backlighting.

LCDs depend on one backlight and spread it through a series of tubes. LED screens have light-emitting diodes spread in the screen that illuminate it.

Which Is Better for Gaming?

The short answer is LED, and here’s why.

The many backlights that LED monitors use make their response almost instantly when switched on; there is no waiting for it to warm up.

The LED monitors consume less energy, have better response times, are thinner, and are lighter. That makes them much easier to transport and keeps the electricity bill down when having extra-long gaming sessions.

If your gaming station is set up in well-lit room, the LED monitor is easier to see in the sunlight.

The LED screen has better contrast and brighter colors that make the images come alive in a unique way. The final advantage of the LED screen in gaming is that it’s great for individual play and even better for group and professional play; its picture quality, seamless construction, and sizing options are all superior to LCD.

What the LCD monitor has going for it, though, is price.

On average, they are cheaper than LED monitors. Just like every other piece of technology, however, the price of LEDs is coming down.

As more companies develop their own versions of LED monitors, the technology improves, and the price comes down.

Make Your Choice

Ultimately, the choice is up to you.

Everyone has their preference, and that’s fine. If you can’t afford the LED right now, LCD monitors still deliver good picture quality and will last just as long.

Do some more research and find out what will work best for your favorite game and budget.