4 Tips for Staying Active While Social Distancing

4 Tips for Staying Active While Social Distancing

Don’t go insane at home

You aren’t alone in trying to figure out how to stay fit and not lose all the fitness progress you’ve made after your gym closed due to the coronavirus. 

The good news is there are many ways you can stay active. Here are some tips for staying active while social distancing.  

Go for a Run 

While most of your time should be spent at home, one outdoor activity you can do is go for a run. 

Listen to your favorite band or podcast and enjoy the outdoors with some cardio. 

Not only will it make you feel great physically, but running also has many mental health benefits. The great thing about running is you can do it anywhere, so you can keep a safe distance from others and stay fit.  

Who knows, you might even fall in love with running.

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Try Something New 

Your local gym isn’t an option at the moment, but you can use this time to try something you normally wouldn’t.

For example, some great workouts you can do at home include yoga and calisthenics.

Cardio is another potential at-home workout.

There are so many ways that you can stay healthy without the gym—plus, it’s always good to challenge yourself regardless.  

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Download a Fitness App 

To help with your fitness goals, plenty of fitness apps are available for free. There are even running apps that can help you track your distance, pace, and time.

You can also make your runs more fun with apps like Zombie, Run! Workout apps are also great sources of inspiration. Our other favorite app is Nike Run Club.

There are apps like Centr, from Thor star Chris Hemsworth, which is currently free to use.  

In any case, don’t forget to rid your shoes of the Coronavirus before you bring them indoors.

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Invest in Gym Equipment 

A final tip for staying active while social distancing is to invest in some gym equipment if you don’t think bodyweight workouts will be enough.

Any piece of equipment you’d find at a gym—including squat racks, bench presses, dumbbells, and more—is available online. 

Think about building your own home gym; that way, you’ll never have to worry about how to get your workout in from home.

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Stay safe and healthy.

-The Team at MAN’edged Magazine