8 fall whiskey cocktails: the guide you didn’t know you needed

Here’s the ultimate whiskey cocktail guide that every guy needs to bookmark now.

Looking for new ways to enjoy your favorite whiskey bourbon?

Sure, we like a solid whiskey drink as much as the next guy, but it can be challenge figuring out new ways to drink it.

Especially, if you’re you’re expecting company and all the eyes are on you.

You could always make the basic whiskey coke combo, but we know you’ll probably want to stand out from the crowd.

Our job is to help you look awesome as the host of a party.

That way you feel like this:

Starting today, we’re going to help you explore several ways to drink whiskey and help you look like the suave gentleman that you are.

Here’s what to expect

Every Thursday for the next month, we’re going to show you how to make a really great tasting cocktail.

We needed a solid brand that we trust to partner with that would allow us to easily make these drinks. 

Without a doubt, we had to partner with our friends over at Wild Turkey. Not only did they teach us how to taste whiskey (you can read up on that whiskey taste session here), but they make a great tasting beverage.

Before we dive in, we are going to warn you that you should bookmark this page now.

Go ahead, we’re not going anywhere and will be here once you’re all finished bookmarking.


Okay, ready?

Here we go.

Get ready to wow your crowd.

A whole new way to drink whiskey

First, we’re not saying that if you love a solid whiskey/coke combo, that you should totally ditch it. WE have a special place for it in our hears.

We just want to help you evolve.

Nervous yet?

Here’s our line-up of awesome whiskey cocktails 

Be sure to check back every Thursday as we introduce these 8 and delicious cocktails.

We will link each new story as they’re published to the list below, so be sure to bookmark this page and keep it handy.

  1. The Rye Swizzle
  2. The New York Sour
  3. The Boulevardier
  4. The Mint Julep
  5. The Brown Derby
  6. The Southern Buck
  7. The Kentucky Devil
  8. The MAN’edged Mule

Show us your whiskey cocktail creation

Make one of the above drinks?

Snap a photo of your cocktail via Instagram and tag us @MANedgedMAG to be featured on our Instagram feed.