How to step up your Negroni: meet the Boulevardier cocktail

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Here’s an easy way to spruce up your Negroni cocktail

Get ready to check out an epic drink to help set you apart this season

Yes, it puts a spin on your favorite classic Negroni.

In the third installment of our drink series, we’re teaching you how to make this really great tasting cocktail called The Boulevardier.

This cocktail seems like something that might only exist on a Hollywood red carpet, but why shouldn’t it be available to you?

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Let’s take your Negroni to the next level

Tired of sipping on the typical Negroni drink?

Yeah, us too. At least for a couple of weeks anyway.

That’s exactly why we love this Boulevardier cocktail. It gives us what we already love, but with a new and refreshing twist.

The Boulevardier is not just a great new cocktail, it looks gorgeous — perfect for your Instagram feed.

Here’s what you’ll need

1 ½ oz. Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Whiskey Bourbon

¾ oz. sweet Vermouth

¾ oz. Campari

How to make

First, you need to add all ingredients into a mixing glass. Yes, any glass will do the trick so long as it has it has an ample amount of room for everything. To start the chilling the process we always add a couple of ice cubes into the glass when mixing, but this is based on preference.

Second, simply stir. Aim for 7-8 rotations to make sure everything is nice and mixed.

Third, strain the liquid over a glass filled with ice. No strainer? Don’t panic. Simply tilt the glass with the mixed items gently with a fork to catch ice.

At this point, your cocktail is almost ready to enjoy.

To set your cocktail apart from those basic bitches, grab a toothpick and slap a cherry or two on it. Toss it in.

Boom. Just like you like, you became a boss bartender, bruh.


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