Casual Fridays: what to wear to work

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Casual Fridays at work are always so cool, right?

Until you stare inside of your closet and a cloud of self-doubt takes over.

“What is appropriate to wear to work?”


“How casual is too casual?”

If you have never think about what to wear…sigh. Don’t worry man, we’re here for you too.

Here are some easy ways to help get your casual Friday look on point.

What’s the deal with tee’s

First, let’s get one thing straight. I LOVE tees. Just like how Oprah loves bread. 

Think of a t-shirt as “Batman” and it needs a “Robin” to really pop. The almighty men’s tee can be a solid choice, if worn properly.

Pause and take that in.

If worn properly…

What’s that mean?

Tee’s should never be worn to work alone. Unless you want to look like a college student who rolled into their first job.

Go with darker colors and NEVER wear a tee that’s strictly meant to be an “undershirt” on its own.

Two quick and easy supporting items that’ll help you stay casual, but look like you care are a casual blazer or casual button-up. For example, this one shown in our March Editor’s Pick roundup here.

Add an ounce of cool with your shoes

Second, let’s look at your shoes.

Although we have an appreciation for the standard loafer, wearing a luxe sneaker can really make your outfit shine.

Also, flip flops are meant for the beach and as shower shoes. Just FYI.

You can wear sneakers to work. Just as long as they’re not big and clunky.

In today’s modern world of men’s shoes, there’s a huge amount of luxe sneakers to choose from.

Go for solid colors with a higher gloss leather like these kicks from A. Posse or these kicks from Filling Pieces.

Your pants will define your look

Third, your pants will make or break your Casual Friday look.

Of course, casual Friday’s means it’s time to rock the jeans, yes?

As a previous Art Director/Stylist with clients ranging from Vogue, BET and other outlets, I’ve found myself randomly inside various offices.

Yes, I have seen my fair share of “style tragedies”.

From skinny jeans that are far too skinny (is that your….?) to wearing denim that looks like they’re from the 90’s, I’ve seen it all.

Bro, we need to pull ourselves together.

Jeans need to fit well. That does not mean hugging your junk, but a pair of denim should be altered to fit the wearer. This makes you look taller, slimmer, and more in shape.

You should also take into consideration your standard work environment. If your office is a buttoned-up law firm, I’d wear deep blue jeans. If you’re in a more fluid work environment, you will be able to get away with a lighter wash.

We recently sat with Mack Moze in our MAN’edged TV series. He offers up some solid tailoring advice mic with some shopping tips in Episode 5.

Here’s to your next Casual Friday!