Upgrade your personal wardrobe this season with these three steps

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Can you believe Spring is already here?

The new season is the perfect time to do some Spring cleaning.

It’s also the perfect time to upgrade your personal style. That’s why today I’m shedding some super easy closet editing tips.

Doing this twice a year will help add newness to your personal style.

Step 1: Try things on

First, we need to figure out what is worth keeping and what is worth removing from your wardrobe. 

Begin the process by trying everything on.
From that random pile of t-shirts to the socks on floor, it all must have a purpose.

Do not attempt the whole “If I slim down” mentality either.

If clothing items are no longer comfortable or don’t make you feel good, it’s time to get rid of that item.

Step 2: Sell, Donate, Trash

The second step is figuring out what to do with your unwanted items.

If your clothes are in good condition, I would recommend doing a couple of things.

Take your items to places like Buffalo Exchange so that you can potentially get back some money. 

Use it for beer later or invest it in new clothes.

All remaining items should be taken to places like your local Goodwill or shelter to donate.

Last resort is to trash and/or recycle. Although, after speaking to an apparel expert that wanted to remain anonymous, recycling apparel is apparently nothing more than a marketing scheme (sad face).

Step 3: Take note

Now that you can see the back of your closet, it’s time to take note on what is missing.

Take a quick inventory of what’s needed or what needs to be replaced. 

Do you always wear a button up over a t-shirt? Are there any more of these items? Running low on jeans? Do your current pants look like they’ve survived a war? Do your button-ups fit?

These are some questions to ask yourself when you’re aiming to upgrade your personal wardrobe and step up your style.