Haley & Michaels will make you rethink Country music

As a kid, do you remember the judgmental looks you would get when you admitted your love of a good ‘ol country song? Chances were, those looks were accompanied by the “Eww, why Country?” response. Who knew that in order to love Country music in the urban world, you’d have to be a bit “closeted”?

In today’s modern world, however, that’s all about to change. With so many music options, you’d be weird not to like multiple genres. Regardless of what your typical music go-to is, there is one thing for certain. You’ll probably become a country music fanatic once you hear Haley & Michaels.

According to Billboard, this duo has created a huge buzz in the industry and we couldn’t agree more. We could rave all day about this powerhouse, but don’t take our word for it.

Check out their performance below on the Today show for yourself. We bet that after watching this, you’ll either fall in love with Country music again or for the first time.

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