Summertime Shandy: Here’s the go to drink to step-up your BYOB game

Be a summertime hero with this beer-based cocktail

Not sure what booze to bring to your next get together? Whether we’re headed to a BBQ or game night we know that showing up empty-handed is not an option. Look like the B.Y.O.B expert with this drink.

Meet the Summertime Shandy

Today we are introducing the Summertime Shandy to help step-up our drink game. Why not give our friends and family a little something to enjoy?

This drink blends the great taste of a lager with grapefruit flavored vodka. If you’re looking to add some actual spice to your drink game, be sure to check out how to make the perfect Micheleda by clicking here.

Here’s what you’ll need to make this drink 

Summertime Shandy ingredients

Summer Shandy Cocktail in the MAN'edged Magazine Pitcher Perfect end of summer drink series. Smirnoff Sourced Grapefruit vodka left, Guinness Blonde Lager beer middleHow to make

Grab a cocktail shaker. Fill the metal cup up with ice. Use the glass cup to measure out the above ingredients or use a measuring cup. Then place one-cup on-top of the other and shake. Use the metal strainer to pour and you’re ready for the party.

Show us your creation

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Please, drink responsibly. Must be 21+. MAN’edged Magazine does not endorse underage drinking or drink and driving.