18 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2021 and Beyond

father's day gift ideas

Here’s your 2021 father’s day gift guide that’ll make gifting a breeze

Looking for that perfect father’s day gift that’ll make dad smile?

Searching for father’s day gift ideas online can seem like an endless journey for some of us.

In fact, shopping for a solid gift for father’s day can sometimes be a total bust all together. 

Until now.

father's day gift ideas
A glimpse at some of our father’s day gift guide selects.

Why is this father’s day so important compared to others?

Most of us can agree that 2020 has been one of the longest years of our lives. No matter where you are, your background, shape or size, we’ve all just suffered through a huge life trauma.

With father’s day right around the corner, I can’t help but think about all the good dads out there who have had to keep their family units above water.

father's day gift ideas

This sounds stressful to say the least.

I’m not talking about the deadbeat dads or dads who are not there for their families. 

I’m talking about all the genuine father’s who are working their butts off to be able to provide for their families and who have had to grabble with surviving a pandemic on top of it all.

Personally, I have not seen my father in over 14 months because of the pandemic and I truly admire his resilience during this past year. 

To all the father’s out there that are doing their best and to all of those looking for cool father’s day gifts, this guide is dedicated to you. 

This guide is filled with 17 great father’s day gift ideas featuring some big name brands and small names so that you can gift the perfect item for pops. 


To help make your life easier here is a quick glance at our 17 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas For 2021:

why is this one of the best father’s day gift ideas?

Secretly dad’s want to smell and feel their best too.

Sure, you might think that your father already has his signature scent, but just wait until he gets his hands on this More is More Cologne by Judith Leiber.

This new masculine eau de parfum is not just your typical type of fragrance.

This one-of-a-kind bottle design, inspired by the famous Chrysler building, houses three olfactive vials of Spice, Leather and Marine that you can select, swipe, and customize your scent from day to night.

Go from 1 to 7 fragrances in 1 click.

Don’t be surprised if you end up keeping this all to yourself.

Shop here ($145)


why is this one of the best father’s day gift ideas?

Every dad needs a Swiss Watch to flex.

Is your dad the epitome of the ‘true man’ who is always true to his word, always forthright, always fair? 

If so, he’ll need a reliable and quality alarm watch to help keep him on point. The LIV GX Alarm Type-D Rose Gold watch is about to be his new best friend.

The LIV GX Alarm Type-D, is as reliable as it is sexy and versatile.

Being a great alarm watch means having a quality quartz movement. This baby offers a Caliber 4120.B, 2-hand quartz analog alarm movement, so that dad never misses a beat.

This watch features a 2-hand display of time with a constant running 60 second sub-dial, as well as an easy-to-read big date feature.

Did we mention that it looks rad AF? Dad will truly thank you for this one.

Check out our previous feature of LIV watches here to see the other great models they have.

Shop here ($460)


why is this one of the best father’s day gift ideas?

Today’s dad is open to exploring new grooming tools and you should help him navigate this landscape.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s 2021 which means we are all literally always on camera. 

What’s this mean for good ‘ol dad? He needs to step up his appearance game and the Stryx Anti-shine tool will help him do just that. 

The Anti-shine tool with help dad maintain a cool, confident look throughout his day.

The Anti-Shine Tool was developed for men that want a perfect finishing touch to any skincare routine.

Whether gearing up for an important zoom meeting or drinks, IRL Anti-Shine Tool helps reduce shine and oily appearance with a custom formulated powder.

Is your dad bald? If so, he might really enjoy this to help keep the head shine in check so that he can keep on keeping on.

Shop here ($33)


Why does dad need this?

His tub of gel is just not cutting it anymore.

My dad still uses that cheap gel that makes his hair crisp and not malleable.

Insert Gage For Men Flex Wax.

This flex wax offers dads a way to style their hair not just in the morning, but throughout the day.

Think of flexible mix between wax and gel. Gage flex wax offers the perfect styling blend that holds like a gel and is flexible like a wax. Be able to style and restyle throughout the day.

Dad is so going to thank you.

Shop here ($20)


Why does dad need this?

This shirt offers 6 way stretch and feels like literal butter.

If dad is always complaining that he cannot find a comfortable and stylish casual shirt, you’re about to change his life.

I’ve been a huge fan of Buttercloth for over 2 years and have put their shirts to the test.

There is no comparison on the market. Check out our previous features here to truly understand why Buttercloth is so amazing.

Shop here ($125)


Why does dad need this?

He wants to enjoy an elevated and smooth tequila experience.

If your dad enjoys a tequila he’s going to love this one. It is made in a centuries-old distillation process at an amazing modern facility called La Fabrica de Tequilas Finos.

Canción won gold medals from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and became the Arizona Diamondbacks’ official tequila for three seasons. Canción is made with 100 percent Blue Agave from private farms in the valleys of Jalisco, Mexico. It is distilled twice and then filtered three times to clean out the fusil oils, aldehydes, and ketones natural in the distillation process.

Did someone say it’s time for a margarita?

Shop here 


Why does dad need this?

A romper would make chasing after the kids so much easier.

Think about. Getting dressed takes so much thought and effort right?

Let’s say you know a younger dad that always stylish but now that he has kids, he has trouble putting together an actual outfit.

Well, you’re about to solve all his problems by placing him into a romper by Romphim. 

This one-piece men’s garment takes all the guesswork out of figuring out what to wear, offers a super cool print and did we forget to mention it has pockets?

Shop here ($60)


Why does dad need this?

Sometimes dads forget things, but hydration doesn’t need to be one of them.

The HidrateSpark STEEL is the world’s smartest water bottle that tracks your daily hydration sending your glow reminders when it’s time to drink.

A stainless steel vacuum insulated keeps drinks cold up to 24 hours. Yes, 24 freaking hours!

This bottle also offers a LED smart sensor “puck” which glows to remind you when it’s time to drink and tracks your water intake by syncing via bluetooth to the Hidrate app. 

Dad is finally about to quench his thirst.

Shop here ($65)


Why does dad need this?

Because he deserves a smooth vodka that has a perfect 100 point rating on the Wine Enthusiast scale.

Crafted in Russia and distributed in the US, ZYR Vodka is the smoothest and the single highest-rated vodka from every major reviewer in the world.

ZYR is distilled five times and undergoes nine filtrations from a blend of winter wheat and rye. Among all other distilled spirits, ZYR stands alone with a perfect 100 point rating on the Wine Enthusiast scale.

It is the cleanest-tasting, most versatile choice for sipping neat, on the rocks or in a ZYR Vodka Martini. 

Shop here ($30)


Why does dad need this?

Because small batch whiskey is his thing.

Since 2018  Mythology Distillery has been named Colorado’s Top Distillery consecutively, and its whiskey, gin, and vodka have won more than 60 domestic and international awards.

Mythology Distillery’s whiskey, gin, and vodka are handcrafted in small batches in Denver, Colorado, for people who seek premium whiskey and gin.

Mythology Best Friend Bourbon is a blend of a 15 year Kentucky Bourbon, and two high-rye bourbons aged 2 to 5 years. 

Wildflower honey and warm cornbread on the nose gives way to honeycomb upfront on the palate that transitions to gentle cinnamon and toasted almonds.

The 15-year Bourbon provides for a lasting rich vanilla, pipe tobacco and black currant on the finish.

Shop here ($55)


Why does dad need this?

He wants to keep the hair on his head.

As we age, our hair becomes something that we begin to cherish. It’s get course and oftentimes begins to thin.

So, what’s a dad to do? Use the KeepItAnchored Complete Kit For Men.

KeepItAnchored Complete Kit for Men offers a full regimen of products featuring the science-backed HairAnchor Blend – a unique formula of antioxidant salts to relieve oxidative stress, a zinc compound to improve scalp condition, an b-vitamins known for skin barrier health.

Dad is totally going to thank you once he notices the difference in his hair texture. 

Shop here ($79)


Why does dad need this?

Because he loves spirits that have been aged for up to 12 years and is bottled in one cask at a time.

The Cruzan single barrel premium extra aged rum is one of the most awarded aged rums on the market.

It offers a unique blend of vintage rums aged for up to 12 years and bottled one cask at a time. 

Again, it’s a blend of vintage rums which means this is perfect for dad’s to appreciate craft and quality.

Don’t be surprised if you pour yourself a glass with dad and enjoy neat or on the rocks.

Shop here ($30)


Why does dad need this?

He understands the importance of taking care of his skin and appearance.

Let’s talk about the sunscreen:

The fragrance-free Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 is a dermatologist-tested sunscreen moisturizer that is easy to apply, fast absorbing, and lightweight – all without leaving the skin feeling greasy.

This formula, with Zinc Oxide, fights the signs of aging, hydrates, strengthens the skin barrier, and improves skin resilience for a healthy-looking complexion.

Now lets talk about the serum:

The Smoothing Serum with Vitamin B hydrates to de-stress skin, improving the skin’s resiliency by making its natural barrier stronger.

Infused with glycerin to maintain proper hydration, Vitamin B3 (aka Niacinamide) to improve the appearance of skin and help retain moisture, Pro-Vitamin B5 to effectively penetrate skin and moisturize from within, and Vitamin E to soothe, moisturize, and fight surface free radicals, this serum keeps skin hydrated and happy all day long.

Dad is about to be looking so fresh in no time.

Shop here ($7-$30)


Why does dad need this?

Because he balances being gluten and dairy-free all while being vegan.

Dads globally always seem to be snacking. Mind as well make it a clean snack right?

A vegan update of the traditional Chinese street food bing, MingsBings provides delicious and nutritious vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free meals that are heat-and-eat ready.

Each of the four flavors, including the Original Veggie-Filled Bing, Buffalo Cauliflower Bing, Plant-Based Sausage & Peppers Bing and Fiesta Bing, are packed with flavor and are plant-based, gluten-free and dairy-free. 

Recently featured on a segment of Guy Fieri’s Guy’s Ranch Kitchen and recognized as one of the “best-plant based products” by the Beet.

MingsBings are a convenient meat-free meal or snack for the whole family.

Shop here 


Why does dad need this?

He wants to live in clean air.

If there’s one thing this COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it’s to value the small things in life like breathing fresh, clean air.

The Rensair air purifier is the only hospital-grade option on the market that is both portable and cost effective and makes for a great gift for dad and everyone.

Rensair keeps families, pets and friends safe that visit the home by cleaning the air automatically in a 360 degree air intake to fir any space.

While most conventional air purifiers simply collect and trap harmful particles, Rensair uses a HEPA-13 filter and UVC light to eliminate more than 99.97% of airborne viruses and bacteria, including Coronavirus. 

The patented solution uses the most advanced purification technology, documented by independent laboratories.

The compact design of Rensair makes it a suitable solution for virtually any setting. No installation, just turn it on and start purifying the air, and it’s portable to bring with you on the go to any other location.

Trusted by businesses and household globally, Rensair is the only purifier that is trysted by labs and hospitals

Shop here ($3,500)


Why does dad need this?

Because daddy likes to chill in style.

Every dad needs a good slider to toss on while lounging around the house. 

Why not make it a slider that fits well, offers support and looks cool?

The Decoslides men’s sliders come in many shapes and sizes making them the optimum choice for pops.

Shop here ($40)


Why does dad need this?

He’s all about that base.

If your dad is into great music or anything audio related then he’s going to need a solid pair of earphones.

This aluminum wireless earbuds by Oddict are a great choice for dad. 

They offer a quick charging capability, premium sound and clear microphone for calls/zoom.

Plus, they just look so damn cool.

Shop here ($139)


Still need more father's day gift ideas?

Still not seeing anything that’s a perfect fit for your dad this father’s day?

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Why does dad need this?

Because dad needs a refreshing everyday Scotch perfect for outdoor barbecues and summer dinners

If you’re dad enjoys scotch whisky then he needs this. 

Pure Scot Blended Scotch Whisky from Bladnoch Distillery is sippable on the rocks, neat, or mixed in cocktails. Furthermore, they are sustainably minded for those looking to drink more eco-friendly spirits.

The whisky is full bodied and mellow. It’s beautifully balanced with rich smokiness, ginger marmalade, sweet honeyed fruit, and a slight pepperiness. It is a winner of six gold medals at international spirit competitions.

Listen, we know our way around some of the best cocktails and drinks, but this is truly something special.

From the presentation of the bottle to smooth taste. Dad is totally going to appreciate this one. 

Hopefully you’ll be with him to enjoy it too.

Shop here ($39)


Still need more father's day gift ideas?

Still not seeing anything that’s a perfect fit for your dad this father’s day?

You’re in luck. Here are our top 3 gift guides that MAN’edged Magazine Readers come back to again and again:

  1. Read “The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide”

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-Stay safe and healthy.
Michael at MAN’edged Magazine

father's day gift ideas