How to drink tequila this Cinco De Mayo

Tequila Sunrise Cocktail MAN'edged Magazine

Get ready for your new favorite summertime cocktail

Meet the “Cuervo Tequila Sunrise”.

Put aside the classic margarita and beer.

Today we’re showing you how to put a new spin on your tequila based cocktail for Cinco De Mayo.

Why we like it

Look, we have nothing against the classic margarita or the new updated margarita. We just like to keep things on rotation just like our style. In this case, we’re talking about booze.

So, get ready to drink up because you’ve probably just discovered your new summertime favorite.

Here’s what you need

How to make

  1. Grab a large glass (dude, make sure it’s clean)
  2. Add ice (half a cup crushed or 4-5 ice cubes)
  3. Pour in 1 part Jose Cuervo Especial® Silver 
  4. Add the 2 parts orange juice 
  5. Stir
  6. Slowly pour in 1 tsp of grenadine (make grenadine it by scratch by checking out this article here)
  7. Garnish with orange wedge and cherry.

Tequila Sunrise Cocktail MAN'edged Magazine