Your men’s grooming kit should include this.

The new men's grooming products by Axe.

No matter your hair type, there’s a men’s grooming product just for you.

Does your grooming regime need a bit of a pick me up? Did you know there are several types of men’s hair styling products you can use?

Luckily, our friends over at AXE have stepped up their offering to help you achieve your desired look.

Check it out below.

The new men's axe grooming product selection featuring new product packaging.

They’ve morphed from those old “bro” tubs to a sleek new puck and are offering a wider selection of products.

Whether you want to achieve that messy beach dude look or rock the smooth dapper comb over, they have a proper product for you.

The new product looks pretty cool and is easy to toss into your gym bag.

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