Yet another way to be that guy this Cinco De Mayo.

Bring your own booze featuring Jose Cuervo Tequila Rolling Stones Bottle for Cinco De Mayo

Don’t get caught empty-handed this Cinco De Mayo

Ever felt super lame when a fun holiday like fifth of May rolls around and have no plans? Dude, we’ve all been there. Get a jump-start on your Cinco De Mayo with this Jose Cuervo recipe. Party like a rock star with the Cuervo family’s blue agave recipe bottled at 81 proof.
Get the Rock star life
  • The awesome bottles are the portal into rock ‘n’ roll history; your chance to party like The Stones and the gaggle of celebrities and fans in their wake.
  • The bottle was created to celebrate the pivotal role Jose Cuervo® played in fueling The Rolling Stones™’ notorious 1972 North American tour, which was dubbed the ‘Tequila Sunrise Tour’.
  • Price only $19.00

Jose Cuervvo Tequila Rolling Stones Bottle perfect for any occasion